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Rock of Ages is a jukebox and rock musical play based on the book that was written by Chris D’Arienzo. The entire musical is built around the music of the 1980s era, especially from the popular glam metal groups of that decade. The musical play showcases songs from Bon Jovi, Asia, Twisted Sister, Styx, Journey, Pat Benatar, Poison and Steve Perry among many other well known rock bands of that era.

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The Rock of Ages musical is directed by Kristin Hanggi and it is choreographed by Kelly Devine. The arrangements, orchestrations and music supervision for the musical play is done by Ethan Popp. The musical play is known for being an extremely lighthearted and comic than many other shows that are shown on Broadway. While the performance is going on, the actors of the musical regularly break the “fourth wall”, and directly address the audience and it seems as though they remind the audience that they are merely actors in the musical play.
Over the years, the musical play has gathered immense positive critical acclaim. The Rock of Ages is scheduled to give performances in Pittsburgh very soon. This is the ideal opportunity for you to catch this show with your very own Rock of Ages Pittsburgh tickets. If you are an avid fan of theatre and music of the 1980s era, then you are bound to have a truly memorable and amazing experience. Do not miss out on this awesome opportunity!

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