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It is time to hit edgy musical chords with Rock of the Ages. This jukebox musical made its debut in 2006 at the Los Angeles Trials. The overpowering reception of the musical made a Broadway Production within two years.
Rock of Ages is a lighthearted tale set in a Hollywood club called ‘The Bourbon Room’. The musical takes the songs of famous rock artists from the eighties to create a riveting storyline. The musical opens on a cheerful note and frisky rock tunes creates the air of merriment. The songs of Bon Jovi, Styx, Pat Benatar, Steve Perry, Poison and Journey along with others build up the excitement for the audiences. Rock of Ages, after enjoying four prolific in various parts of the country, has now reached Houston with a bang. If you are tempted to enjoy some of the most popular last decade’s glam bands, then order your Rock of Ages Houston Tickets now!

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