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Richard III is a phenomenal play by the greatest playwright ever, William Shakespeare, depicting the short but legendary reign of Richard III of England from how he worked his way towards power, his incredibly short but monumental reign and his untimely fall. This, then, is a truly historical play by William Shakespeare, a must see for each and every fan of quality theatre. Considered as one of the greatest works of William Shakespeare, this is a play that is as interesting as the very popular Romeo and Juliet play and can be easily watched live by making use of Richard III Tickets. This history play was written back in 1591 and follows the story of Richard III’s Machiavellian rise to power and his reign. It is grouped as part of the First Folio and is a tragedy with powerful emotions and a story unlike any other.

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Richard III, as a play, is also historical in that it wrapped up the very first tetralogy by Shakespeare and is also the second longest canon play as well as the longest play within the First Folio. It is usually played in a modified manner and is hardly seen unabridged; something that makes this play more exciting and innovative, a breath of fresh air in the world of theatrical performances. This play is also associated with the previous Henry VI by Shakespeare himself and thus has references to it; those fond of the Henry VI play will undoubtedly like Richard III. In fact, important events such as the murder of Henry VI by the hands of Richard III and the defeat of Queen Margaret, Henry VI’s queen at the hands of Richard III are crucial to this play. In terms of popularity, theatre goers have ultimately fallen in love with this play and have been filled with praise for it; so have the critics and the media.

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