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Highly acclaimed director Robert Jackson brings another captivating musical, Rebirth to the stage. The new family drama will surely keep the audience glued to stage throughout the show. With eminent actors such as Nephew Tommy and Lynn Whitfield in the lead, the show is bound to enthrall the audiences. The musical will hit the Fox Theater stage in Atlanta, Georgia. All theater lovers are eagerly waiting to witness the powerful story of faith, religion, freedom and hope. The audience can be a part of this exciting theatrical journey by getting their hands on Rebirth The Musical tickets.

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About Rebirth The Musical

Set in a futuristic world destroyed by a nuclear war, Rebirth offers a fascinating storyline. In the year 2156, the world is in complete chaos, and natural disasters and wars prevail the earth. With no access to technology and education, survivors struggle to live under violence and global poverty. Amongst this catastrophic situation, an oppressive and powerful force rises to rule the people who walk the deserted world. The face behind this army is soon revealed to be Mia, ‘The Mother of Earth’. Her beauty and power amazes the people who fall slave to her will, accepting her as the supreme authority who rules the earth.

Mia along with her army manages to form a new civilization in the city of Bethel. Her commandments and rules become a mandatory religion, and people start worshipping her faithfully. Defiance of her laws is punishable by death and Mia’s empire starts to spread. Amongst this rising oppression, Jonathan, a young man, comes across an ancient book. The book contains a faith that denies Mia’s rule and her ways of life. The book is a gift left for Jonathan by his late father. Through a letter, Jonathan comes across the truth about Mia and her empire. Upon this revelation, Jonathan realizes his duty to spread the truth about Mia and starts preaching the followings of the ‘Good Book’. He slowly starts to gather followers and believers. As his followers grow, Mia senses a threat to her supremacy and starts destroying the uprising. The struggle of faith and religion begins as people choose between living an oppressed life or standing up for what they believe in.

Rob Jackson began his artistic journey at the age of fourteen with the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta. After graduating from Columbia College, he joined several regional theatre companies, working as a resident artist. The prouder, director and performer has also taught in various educational institutions for over a decade. Rob has collaborated with renowned artists such as Rhona Bennet, James Debarge, Ruby Ree Davis and Vivica Fox. He has toured around the world, staging riveting theatrical shows. Cheap Rebirth the Musical tickets will allow you to witness Rob’s latest venture, which also features music by composer Keith Hale.

Portraying the role of Mia in the musical, Lynn Whitfield manages to charm audiences with her excellent acting skills. The popular TV and stage actor garnered immense popularity with her roles in Off Broadway shows such as ‘Showdown’ and ‘The Great MacDaddy’. In 1977, Lynn appeared in ‘For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide’. The role transformed Lynn into one of the finest actors of the decade. With an exceptional cast, breathtaking music and masterful direction, Rebirth the Musical offers a poetic journey for the audience. The show features grand set designs and advance lighting that will leave the audiences enchanted. The Fox Theatre Hall will also add more fun to the already exciting show, making it a worthwhile show for the viewers. So get the limited Rebirth The Musical tickets now to be a part of this amazing new musical experience.

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