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Excelling in longevity and strength of material, the RAIN A Tribute to the Beatles Boston show is surely generating excitement. The music is spectacular and the actors' finesse is praiseworthy. It is an offshoot of Broadway's Beatlemania production, which ran from 1977-79.

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RAIN has no central plot. It starts with the Beatles' groundbreaking crossover set on the ED Sullivan Show. Drugs and sex references are excluded, giving the show a more family feel. It chronicles their rise and the dizzy heights of Sgt. Pepper. It isn't much of a musical than a true concert, featuring uncanny renditions of their top-drawer hits, with audience participation strongly encouraged. The cast includes four performers for each band-member (alternating in different shows), with Steve Landes (Lennon), Joey Curatolo (McCartney), Joe Bithorn (Harrison), and Ralph Castelli (Starr) being the top-reviewed. Book your RAIN A Tribute to the Beatles Boston tickets for the forthcoming show in your city.

RAIN began as the band “Reign” in the 70s in California, playing Beatles tribute songs during their original sets. Orange County residents Eddie Lineberry, Chuck Coffey, Bill Connearny, and Grant Belotti were part of the lineup when it changed to “Rain”. They headlined a Disneyland set from 1980-82, following which performers from the just-concluded Beatlemania musical started appearing as part of RAIN.

RAIN had a 2010-11 Broadway production with 300 performances. It is the highest-grossing tribute act around, with productions in Europe and North America before the RAIN A Tribute to the Beatles Boston show. Fans are rushing for cheap RAIN A Tribute to the Beatles Boston tickets to relive the immortal hits.

Rain Beatles is a tribute band for Beatles, a famous rock band that was formed in 60s. Rain was formed in 70s by the name of “Reign”, and is today known as a tribute show. The band used to perform The Beatles songs regularly in a show in California by the west coast of America. During the initial years, Rain consisted of Chuck Coffey, Eddie Lineberry Grant Belotti and Bill Connearny. You can catch their tribute songs now at the Rain Beatles Boston concert! Rain Beatles inspiration band “The Beatles” was formed in 60s and is still known as one of the most commercially successfully bands of all time.

The bands most famous lineup consisted of legendary musicians John Lennon, George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Star. Their influence on pop culture was and still remains immense. The Beatles is also the best selling band in the history of pop music. To catch Rain presenting a tribute to this legendary band, you can now attend Rain Beatles Boston show. Rain Beatles consists of Steve Landes, Joe Bithorn, Joey Curatolo, David Leon and various others. Rain was turned into more of a show later on after it received critical acclaim. Today the show is performed in various cities around the United States. Each member of the band performs as the original member of the former The Beatles. If you want to see the legends coming to life live on stage, get your Rain Beetles Boston tickets today!

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