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Imagine your past strikes you at a time when you least expect it to be around, well this could be the worst nightmare one could ever imagine! But ironically this is exactly what happens in one of the most appreciated and looked forward upon musical Private Lives by Noel Coward. A twisted and truly complex plot makes situations even more intricate as these relationship issues gain hype. Penned down way back in 1930, Coward had a firm grip over his characters and created them very close to reality thus making it one of the most appreciated Comedy of Manners to date.

About Private Lives

The play was first presented on stage way back in 1930 at London’s Phoenix theatre with its Broadway showcase in 1931. A wide range of actors have participated in the production of the play and made it a huge success. Cheap Private Lives Tickets made it an attraction too thus making it one of the most witnessed plays in Broadway and other theatres. Coward wrote many fabulous scores for the musical and one of the most popular one was Some Day I’ll Find You. The musical had to face few objections with regard to the plot of the musical as the second act seemed too risqué. Coward wanted to act himself in the musical just to avoid any obscene gestures through out the musical especially in the love scene. Although the storyline itself was quite controversial as the portrayal of married couple engaged with their ex partners was not acceptable during that time, but the artful presentation of Coward made it a huge accomplishment.

Amanda and Victor are spending their honeymoon in a hotel where Sybil and Elyot are also celebrating the early days of their marriage. Both Amanda and Elyot have been together as husband and wife almost five years back but their ravaging marriage forced them to part in divorce. Now once again the fate has brought them together and the new couples are sharing the balcony of their respective suites. Realizing the fact that the ex partner is so close, the deeply engrained seed of love grows and both start feeling for their ex spouses again. Both start regretting their decision of divorce and so want to be united again. The musical is a classic blend of situations, dialogues and comedy.

The decision of marriage and then divorce is not a child’s play. It requires meditation and the decision influences the upcoming life too. Amanda and Elyot and likewise Sibyl and Victor both had taken this decision of separation in the past. They pretend to their spouses that the life they just started is a happy one for them but this drama of pretentiousness could not last long. Witnessing their ex spouses on the adjacent terraces, the idea of love ignites and propels Amanda and Elyot to betray their new spouses and get together once again. The way they both plan and elope from the situation and get united is all that has to be witnessed on the stage. Get Private Lives Tickets now and you will have a golden chance to see the bickering couples falling in love.

The musical remained a controversial issue as far as the portrayal of love was concerned o stage. But Coward assured to be as decent as one could imagine and thus won the confidence of the censorship. The artistic production of the musical not only amazed the producers of that time but the theatre lovers were vowed to see mind blowing acting by Coward. Cheap Private Lives Tickets are always much anticipated by the theatre goers and they sell like hot cakes. So avail this chance and get the best price in town as Private Lives Tickets are flying away from the counters soon. You will truly cherish the intimation of young couples and their involvement with their ex spouses on stage. Grab cheap Private Lives Tickets and enjoy the show in your vicinity. This will be a show you would have witnessed for the first time. So get Private Lives Tickets now and confirm your presence in the arena now!