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Pride and Prejudice is a classic novel by the highly celebrated feminist writer, Jane Austin. The book was first released in 1813 and has since risen as one of the greatest works of fiction. What has intrigued readers the most is the clever wit, the sarcastic dialogues and the uncanny use of irony that was so clearly present, even at a time when most women may not have been deemed capable of such intellect. She has risen above it all and has become a great name in literature even today. Her works have been interpreted in film and television time and time again. Most recently, it was Hollywood actress Kiera Knightly, who received a “Best Actress” Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of the iconic Elizabeth Bennett, the primary character of this story. The film was nothing short of successful. This year around, the novel is being interpreted into a drama for theatre. It is the prestigious “Calgary Theater” that has braved such an attempt and is working hard to sell as many Pride and Prejudice tickets as they can.

About Pride And Prejudice

The original story, as told by the novelist herself, followed the Bennetts, a family of five sisters, all of whom were eligible to be married. In the heart of the story was Elizabeth Bennett, a girl of strong opinion, dealing with the social expectations of manners, education, morality, and upbringing. Most prominent was the issue of following the rules of the high society which had evaded the middle class family. Living in 19th century England, one was not regarded as belonging to the high class gentry if they were not extensive land owners or did not earn a high amount per year. Elizabeth was the second to the eldest sisters living through her mother’s constant woes of getting her daughters married to well to do men. The person who captures Elizabeth’s interest is a certain Mr. Darcy, who is as rich and handsome as they come. But he is dark, reserved, and very proud. What is explored in the story is the clash of both their opinions, an array of misunderstandings and more importantly, their pride, which threatens a happy ending throughout.
To this day, the wit and romance aspect of the book has fascinated people. What is perhaps most relatable is the fact that the Bennett family is shown as someone on the outside, struggling on their way up the social stratosphere, and trying hard to look like they belong in the high class. In order to do so, they must attend balls, dinners and always be in the midst of scandal and gossip. In an environment where people love to talk, they must present themselves as respectable women, appropriate for any man to marry.
Another part of the story that people have come to love over the years are the different personalities of the characters. The eldest daughter is Jane Bennett, a shy girl who keeps her feelings well hidden. This comes in the way of her happiness as her intended, Mr. Bingley, wrongly reads her introversion as disinterest. The youngest, Lydia is a carefree girl, full of life who runs away from her home to marry the man she likes. Mary Bennett is different from all others; is wise and thoughtful, knowledgeable and less excitable. Then there is their mother, who loves to indulge in gossip as much as the next woman in town, not knowing that their “lack of propriety”, is often the subject of talk amongst others. Thus, is has always been the mix of these characters and how they interact that has led to the sale of Pride and Prejudice tickets.
Calgary Theatre, the production team for this year’s theatrical interpretation of the story has described it as being one of the original romantic comedies and definitely the greatest. And it is present in universal concepts that have been appreciated throughout time; the beginning of young love, the yearning of belonging, gossip, and the clash of prides. In this year’s production, Tyrell Crews will play the role of Mr. Darcy and Shannon Taylor will portray Elizabeth Bennett. The play is being directed by Dennis Garnhum, an established theatre personality who has made his name in works before. The period costumes and extravagant ball sets have been designed by Patrick Clark. In addition to them, Jock Munro will be taking care of stage lighting.
The play is funny and charming and should not be missed; cheap Pride and Prejudice tickets are also available for anyone wishing to go.

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