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Landmark Theatre in Syracuse is celebrating Famous Artists’ 2015-16 Theatre Season, and Phantom of the Opera is its final presentation. The thrilling production by Andrew Lloyd Webber will raise its curtains on April 6 and performances will run through till April 17. Phantom of the Opera Syracuse tickets will treat you to the brand new production that includes some fresh scenes, revised dialogues and improved stage presentation.

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Phantom Of The Opera To Haunt Landmark Theatre

Successfully running worldwide since the 80s, Phantom of the Opera is showing no signs of a final curtain draw. In fact the production team is revamping the longest running Broadway musical and presenting it to the new and old audiences.

Reeking of mystery, sexuality, passion and innocence, Phantom of the Opera is a complete entertainment package neatly held together by its award-winning score. Known for its immaculate stage design and costumes, the production efforts extend far beyond the stage to the seats which include the massive crystal chandelier hanging above the audience. The long spiral staircase which has become the trademark of all Phantom productions is also improved from time to time and makes quite an impact.

The story of Phantom of the Opera stays long with the audience and the entire musical is an array of colors, suspense, sex, danger as well as hopes and dreams. A stunning production, Phantom is a magical show which is why it has been doing so well in all these years.