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Phantom of the Opera is one of the most critically acclaimed musicals of all times. It is based on the timeless classic penned down by the French novelist Gaston Leroux. The musical first premiered in 1986 at the Her Majesty’s Theatre in West End London. Two years later it hit Broadway to perform over ten thousand times to become its longest running show ever. Over the years, it has garnered more than seventy international awards including seven Tony Awards and three Olivier Awards.

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The story of the show takes place at the renowned Paris Opera. Within the shadows of its halls lives a mysterious character known to everyone only as the Phantom. This disfigured masked man pulls the strings of the opera management and the performers. He falls hopelessly in love with the young opera singer Christine upon viewing her performance at the opening night. This love makes him act foolishly to get her attention which sparks the jealousy of her childhood love interest Raoul. What ensues is a brilliant tale of romance and acceptance.


In 1991, The Phantom of the Opera had its first sold out US national tour. Since then, it has been performed in major theatres around the states. Once again, it is on its national tour with notable cast members such as Katie Travis, Chris Mann, Storm Lineberger and Celia Hottenstein among others. The musical is opening for performances at the Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, Virginia. So grab Phantom of the Opera Norfolk tickets and enjoy the show.


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