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If you are interested in theater, then Phantom of the Opera is one musical you must have heard of. The tale of unrequited love between a young aspiring singer, Christine and a disfigured musical genius, Eric is one that has struck a chord with the audience for decades. Such is its impact that every time the musical is staged, people come out moved by the experience and story.

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Phantom of the Opera is an adaptation of the novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra by the French author, Gaston Leroux. Later translated into English, the novel may not have received the early recognition that it deserved but with following adaptations on stage and celluloid, it has become one of the increasingly popular love stories of recent times. The biggest selling factor of the play is the music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The passionate vocals of the performers coupled with the brilliant choreography make each act a treat both for the eyes and senses.


The well-defined characters carry the story forward while keeping the interest alive till the very end. Phantom’s love for Christine and Christine’s fondness for someone else creates a love triangle where cascade of emotions such as fury, romance, rejection, seduction and despair come into play. Needless to say each of them is portrayed in the most sensitive manner, making the musical as appealing and fresh as if staged for the very first time. Now watch this masterpiece at the Uihlein Hall Marcus Center in Milwaukee by getting Phantom of the opera Milwaukee tickets.