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Peter Pan is a theatre musical adapted from the J. M. Barrie novel, “Peter and Wendy”. The music is written by Jule Styne and Mark Charlap and the lyrics have been given by Carolyn Leigh, Adolph Green and Betty Comden. The book for the play has been written by the novelist himself. The play first came to Broadway in 1954, where Mary Martin was Peter Pan and Cyril Ritchard was Captain Hook. Both actors took home the Tony Award for their respective roles that year. The success of the show led to a televised version of the program as well. The musical was then revived on Broadway many times over, the latest being in 1998. Now, it is being brought to the stage once more as Peter Pan Theatrical Production tickets go on sale.

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Peter Pan Theatrical Production

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Peter Pan Nampa Civic Center Nampa Thursday
10/26/2017 7:30 PM
Peter Pan Nampa Civic Center Nampa Friday
10/27/2017 7:30 PM
Peter Pan Jr. Taft Theatre Cincinnati Friday
10/27/2017 7:30 PM
Peter Pan Nampa Civic Center Nampa Saturday
10/28/2017 1:30 PM
Peter Pan Jr. Taft Theatre Cincinnati Saturday
10/28/2017 2:00 PM

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About Peter Pan Theatrical Production

When the story was first thought to be adapted in a play form, there were many different versions written so that a fitting plot for the stage could be formulated. The role of Peter Pan is usually portrayed by a woman. When the 1954 version was first brought to Broadway, it was meant to only to be a test run that would last for 152 performances. The “Winter Garden Theatre” was then home to the production for one season. NBC itself backed the show which kept it financially secure even though it ran for a limited number of dates. When the show was revived, it led to the multiple Tony award wins, and certified its place as a successful Broadway musical.

In the latest production of the show, Cathy Rigby has continued to play the role of Peter Pan. Her role has led to critics pointing out how belonging to Neverland truly stops one from growing up, for she has had the role since the play was revived in 1990. She is now 59 years old but is still the best known performer for Peter Pan. It was believed that the 2005 season would mark the end of her career, or at least her role, but it appears as though a break was all she needed before she could resume her place in the theatres. Her performance styles remains unique.  She takes in the choreography with effortless grace, and brings in the joy and mischief in the play doing full justice to her character. Her agility and athletic movements can be credited to her Olympic training as a gymnast. Petite as she is, she is extremely nifty with the cable work and lifts and remains light on her feet throughout the musical numbers. Her twenty one years of experience as Peter Pan has thus made her performance smooth and nothing short of professional. She never misses a beat, and so the audience with Peter Pan Theatrical Production tickets can expect a show free of glitches or holdbacks.

Tom Hewitt will take on the role of Captain Hook, who can be sinister and funny at the same time. The rest of the cast is made up of more than twenty people, all of whom are under the direction of Glenn Casale. Where it seems that the story is taking on a slow pace, the musical numbers jump in to lift the audience up. The delivery of Cathy Rigby enables the show to have the magic like quality that is required of any retelling of a Peter Pan story. The costumes for this show are designed by Shigeru Yaji, who will be collaborating with John Iacovelli for set design. All these elements add up as the perfect ingredients for a successful show.  The well choreographed sword fights make for quite the spectacle as does the sight of Peter, Wendy and the kids flying to Neverland. Krista Buccellato plays Wendy and has been described by audiences as delightful and fresh. The play in itself has been divided into two acts. It is full of adventure. The production has the ability to win over audiences of all ages with its exciting scenes and funny dialogue delivery.

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