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The play Painting Churches gives the audience an in depth account of how relationship dynamics change over a period of time. It carefully examines a daughter’s relationship with her ageing parents and how it profoundly changes her perspective on life. The play demonstrates the eternal connection between life and art, where subtle changes in relationships are symbolized by the artist’s brush strokes on canvas. The play deals with the universal theme of a child who desperately wants to understand and seek its parent’s approval. As an artist, the main character tries to paint her parents' portrait in order to understand and relate to them as an offspring and an artist. 

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About Painting Churches

Tina Howe, the author of Coastal Differences and Prides Crossing, wrote Painting Churches which was produced off Broadway in 1976.This play remains Howe’s most successful and critically acclaimed play ever. It is the recipient of the Obie Award for performance and design in 1983. It received the Outer Critics Circle Award for best Off Broadway Play and was the Pulitzer Prize for Drama finalist in 1984. It lost to Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet. Painting Churches premiered off Broadway on February, 8 at the McGinn-Cazale Theatre. Then it was moved to the famous Lamb’s Theater where it ran for more than a year. The play has been produced for public television series, ‘American Playhouse’ broadcast in 1979. It featured Sada Thompson, Donald Moffat and Roxanne Hart. Donald Moffat was the recipient of the Obie Award for his performance in the theatrical production. 
The plot deals with young Margaret (Mags) an artist who is about to have her first exhibition in New York. She visits her parents in order to help them move and paint a portrait of them. Margaret’s father Gardner Church, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, is slowly collapsing into senile dementia, while her mother Fanny Church who belongs to a long lineage of blue blood predecessors seems more pretentious than ever. Margaret in order to complete her portrait must first come to terms with her parents emotionally and aesthetically. This forms the basis of the play as our protagonist is torn between her parents and an idea she has in her mind about what her parents are like. This often leads to some comedic relief where the generation gap is glaringly evident. In the conclusion of the play Margaret realizes to her astonishment that after all these years she still subconsciously seeks her parent’s approval.
With everyone busy in their lives these days, Painting Churches tickets offer an excellent opportunity for families to go out and spend good quality time together. The play touches on familiar themes such as love, happiness, sorrow, anger and humor. It gives the audience a chance to re evaluate their own family life and take whatever they seem necessary. Frank Rich of New York Times wrote, “In Painting Churches, her beautifully written play, and Tina Howe has dramatized an illuminating connection between life and art. And like the best paintings, Painting Churches rewards repeated viewings."

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