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Opera Columbus HMS Pinafore is a terrific opera live event that will be taking place in a great venue near you shortly. Opera Columbus is an organization that has a mission statement of enriching, educating, entertaining and delighting people of all age groups.  It does that by presenting the most amazing live opera shows with diverse contributors and innovative talents. HMS Pinafore that is also known as The Lass That Loved a Sailor, is a hilarious opera that will be presented by Opera Columbus. If you are a fan of opera or want to indulge in a brilliant live musical show then this is the perfect time for you to get your Opera Columbus HMS Pinafore tickets and experience a breathtaking show. The opera has been divided in two acts. Arthur Sullivan has composed the music of the show and the libretto is by W.S. Gilbert.

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About Opera Columbus HMS Pinafore

The premier of the opera took place on the 25th of May in 1878 in London at the renowned Opera Comique. The show successfully ran for a total of 571 performances. At that time, it was noted to be the second longest running of any musical show. The opera was the fourth collaboration and also the debut international hit sensation of Sullivan and Gilbert. The history of Opera Columbus is interesting. In the spring of 1981, the inception of the opera took place. The opera enjoyed a reputed and long affiliation with the famed Columbus Symphony Orchestra (CSO), however, it decided to separate itself from CSO and embark on an independent journey. Today it is one of the most self-contained and celebrated regional opera organizations. Dr. Andrew Broekema and a transitional committee appointed the first board of trustees for the company. The committee initiated a brilliant transition program which lasted for three years in which the involvement of the community was started. This resulted in the opera company growing significantly.

Opera Columbus effectively produced its debut opera in December 1981, Puccini’s Tosca. The inaugural season of the opera was concluded by the works of Mozart’s Don Giovanni as well as Verdi’s II Travatore. In 1984 the transition program of the company came to an end which is known to have been an extraordinary success. Many prominent works such as tragic ones by Richard Strauss, Bizet, Wagner and Verdi together with comic works of Donizetti, Rossini, Johann Strauss and Mozart were displayed by the opera. Splendid romantic opera comprising of works of Lehar and Beethoven, versimo narratives by Mascagni and Puccini along with some splendid modern pieces like Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess, Ariade auf Naxos by Strauss and the world premiere of Three Sisters by Pasatieri have managed to make every season presented by the opera more entertaining than the one before. Every season of Opera Columbus has brought with it local and international artists. The Opera Columbus HMS Pinafore event is expected to be a show that will never be forgotten by the patrons who attend it.

The tale of the HMS Pinafore is set on a British Ship. The daughter of the captain, Josephine is deeply in love with a sailor of lower class named Ralph Rachstraw. Josephine’s father wants her to be in wedlock with the First Lord of the Admiralty, Sir Joseph Porter. She heeds to her father’s wishes, however the twist in the story takes place when Sir Joseph’s encourages equality of humankind in a topic. This stimulates Josephine and Ralph to change their social order. Both fall in love and plan to escape. The captain discovers their plan. However, like in many of the operas by Sullivan and Gilbert, there is always a shocking disclosure that ends up changing everything vividly by the time the story ends. The storyline of the Opera Columbus HMS Pinafore is infused with humor and amusement. The humor in the opera delves on the romance between the various members of social classes and satirizes the class system that was prevalent in Britain. The opera also jabs good-natured jokes at the Royal Navy, party politics, the sudden rise of not-to-qualified people into powerful positions and at the notion of patriotism. The opera has been quite successful in the United States of America, Britain and many other places in the world.
You can now book your cheap Opera Columbus HMS Pinafore tickets and enjoy a fantastic time at this amazing show that will be filled with unforgettable moments.

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