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Oliver Raleigh brings to life the story of Oliver Twist, a character created by the legendary Charles Dickens in his novel of the same name. Oliver! is one of the most amazing musicals of all time that has captivated millions around the world since its debut five decades ago. Created and re-created numerous times over, it has captured the essence of the story brilliantly to mesmerize theater enthusiasts everywhere. As the latest installment comes to you get make sure you have your Oliver Raleigh tickets in hand to re-live this classic bigger and better than ever before.

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The story of Oliver Raleigh just like the previous productions revolves around an orphan young boy Oliver Twist. The caretakers of the workhouse Widow Corney and Mr. Bumble are two cold-hearted people sell Oliver to Mr. Sowerberry who is an undertaker. Oliver gets into a fight with Noah Claypole and when Mr. Sowberry tries to lock him inside a coffin, he escapes and ends up meeting Artful Dodger who takes Oliver where he lives, the Fagin’s lair. Fagin is a pickpocket who teaches young boys the tricks of the trade. Oliver thinks they manufacture handkerchiefs and has no clue that he is right in the middle of criminals. While at the lair, Oliver meets Nancy, Bet, Bill Sikes and the rich Mr. Brownlow. When the fates of these characters collide it triggers a story of extraordinary twists and turns by the end of which everyone who buys cheap Oliver Raleigh tickets to watch it live will be left gob smacked.
The original production of the musical was he first ever Charles Dickens work to grace the stage in history. The story has been tweaked little to make it more acceptable to theater going audiences. It debuted at the famous West End, London on 30th June, 1960 and became an instant hit right from the time the curtain was raised for the first time. That run continued for a staggering two thousand six hundred and eighteen performances to become one of the biggest hits of all time. The success of the London production paved the way for it to come to the U.S. as a tour that performed at different venues around the country. Its Broadway premiere was held at the sensational Imperial Theatre on 6th January, 1963.That run continued for seven hundred and seventy four performances on its way to earning rave reviews from fans and critics alike. On top of that it earned staggering ten Tony nominations and won three out of those.
Oliver! has had numerous major revivals over the years the first of which came in 1977 in London closely followed by another run in 1983. It made its second appearance at Broadway in 1984. The musical got its first major upgrade from a simple play to a more expansive on with its third London revival at the West End in 1994. More music and lyrics were added to the repertoire that played a huge part in it earning a Laurence Olivier Award. Another re-creation took place in 209 which earned three Laurence Olivier nominations. The success of the original production and popularity of the subsequent revivals has turned it into an international tour as well that has performed at some of the most famous venues around the world.
Yes, the musical has been tweaked a little from the original story to cater to the modern day demands but the true essence still remains intact which can be viewed at the Oliver Raleigh show. Theater enthusiasts will buy Oliver Raleigh tickets in droves to see the latest re-creation of this remarkable musical to witness the very best of what theater has to offer. The production is expected to be one of the best reincarnations in the plays illustrious history which really is saying something. Fans of performing arts, especially theater simply cannot afford to miss out on this unique opportunity and they only way they can do that is by buying Oliver Raleigh tickets 2017 to watch it live.

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