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This summer, The American Dream Tour promises a pair that is sure to set the stage on fire with hard-core music. British metal-core band, Bring Me the Horizon and American nu-metal band Of Mice & Men are coming together for the summer tour that is ready to kick start. With Of Mice & Men as support, Bring Me the Horizon takes on North America as they set on a mission to revive rock music. Both bands have also recently released hit albums, individually.

About Of Mice And Men


Originating from Sheffield, Yorkshire, Bring Me the Horizon is a metal-core band that came together in 2004. In the past decade, the band has been signed with international and US labels. The line-up includes lead vocalist, Oliver Skyes, lead guitarist Lee Malia, bassist Matt Kean, drummer Matt Nicholls and keyboardist Jordan Fish. These five musicians have been largely responsible for the recent reemergence of British metal on the international music scene.


To date, Bring Me the Horizon has released four studio albums and two EPs. While the band began its journey as a death-core band, it slowly evolved its sound into metal-core. Experimenting with compositions, the band is now widely recognized as one of the ultimate young metal bands. They began their journey in 2004, when all members were discovered and signed on as a group by Thirty Days of Night Records and consequently, the debut album, Count Your Blessings was released in 2006. Despite falling under the death-core genre, the band had a catchy sound that landed the 2006 Kerrang Award for “Best Newcomer”.


2013 marked the release of the fourth album of the band. Debuting at number three on the UK charts, reaching number eleven on the US charts and number one on Australian charts, the album titled Sempiternal, has become the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful release of the band. The album marks the definitive evolution of the band from a death-core band to a metal-core band that is comfortable in experimenting with the post-hardcore genre.


As a relatively young metal-core band from the US, Of Mice & Men is a five member line-up, currently raising a storm in the metal and nu-metal genres. Lead vocalist Austin Carlile, lead guitarist Phil Manansala, drummer Valentino Arteaga, rhythm guitarist Alan Ashby and bassist Aaron Pauley have come together to form one of the most promising hardcore bands of the day. They began their journey as a small band, recording demos and uploading their covers on MySpace. Since the release of their eponymous debut album in 2010, the band has gained a cult following of hard-core fans.


Of Mice & Men was conceived when a diverse set of musicians from different bands came together to form their own sound. Since their debut in 2010, the band has released three studio albums, out of which the 2014 chart topping release, Restoring Force, has been the most critically acclaimed one. With their latest release, the band rocketed into mainstream as hardcore metal heads took notice of their super hit singles.


Using music as a cathartic release, both bands have a particular sincerity in their lyrics that fans have found relatable. While they both have distinct sounds, the pairing is epic in its ability to bring together two bands on a singular mission; the revival of the rock genre. With great songs, powerful riffs, and commanding vocals, this tour is truly a dream come true for fans. Fans of hard rock and metal can purchase their Bring Me the Horizon and Of Mice & Men tickets today to attend this summer tour.