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New York is one of the most iconic cities in the world. Whether it is music, movies, theater or food; the city has it all. It is where dreams are made, where people come to carve out a future for them and where you meet arguably the most diverse people in the country.

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About New York Spring Spectacular


New York has taken a very prominent role as far as the entertainment industry goes and you will see the city featuring in several movies, songs and stage productions. The endless possibilities that it offers as well as the different people you find in the city make for some interesting stories and you can find numerous examples of that in the past. Now you will get the chance to celebrate another classic story set in this one of a kind city as the legendary Radio City Music Hall plays host to the New York Spring Spectacular.


The New York Spring Spectacular is an ambitious new show featuring some of the best and most talented people from theater today. Watch as the very popular Laura Benanti and Derek Hough take to the stage in one of their best performances to date. They will be backed by the timeless Rockettes and a host of talented production designers, directors, choreographers, puppeteers and crew members to make this an event to remember. Come on down and avail the chance to be a part of something different. Book your New York Spring Spectacular tickets and catch this epic production live on stage, right in front of you.


The show will take place at the Radio City Music Hall. This is a New York City landmark that is located at the Rockefeller Center has been one of the most recognizable sites in the city for over seventy years. It has played host to a number of famous musicians, singers as well as several notable theater productions over the years. These days it usually features some of the best concerts, live entertainment shows and award ceremonies in the country to go with some special feature films.


The New York Spring Spectacular will take you on a journey and tell you a story you won’t soon forget. The story follows the lives of three people and how they are affected in unpredictable ways after they meet each other in the city of New York. It will feature some of the best and brightest stars from the world of stage including the talented actress Laura Benanti.


Benanti is a Tony Award and Drama Desk Award winner who has appeared in several highly rated stage productions during her career. Her performances in “Gypsy” enabled her to win several awards in categories like the Best Featured Actress in a Musical.  


Benanti will be accompanied by the very popular Derek Hough, a professional dancer and choreographer. Hough’s rise to fame was swift as his dancing skills helped him win several awards at a relatively young age. However, he really became famous after his appearances on the television reality show “Dancing with the Stars.” He is the only dancer to date to win the show five times and has also won an Emmy Award for his choreography on the show in 2013.


The New York Spring Spectacular will feature several more exciting attractions. The respected Whoopi Goldberg will also be a part of the show and will provide her voice to one of the puppets. The puppets are a unique addition to the lineup and work really well with the lighting, smoke and sound effects used throughout the event. It also features one of the oldest dance troupes in the world in the form of the Rockettes. With one event offering all of this and more, there is no reason why you should miss out on it. Grab your New York Spring Spectacular tickets and make your way to the venue to watch this awesome spectacle, live.


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