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The Mystery of Edwin Drood is the last novel by the all time famous writer, Charles Dickens. Unfortunately Dickens died before he could pen down the end for his suspense driven story, leaving many questions hanging in midair. In 1985, Rupert Holmes, a pop singer took on to write a book and provide for the score and lyrics of a show based on Dickens’s unfinished 1870 novel. Holmes provided a new comic appeal to the otherwise serious murder mystery. He further introduced an interactive mode to the show by tossing a crucial question to the audience, allowing them to choose the culprit and determine their end to the murder mystery. The characters change colors as the audience pleases, making the show like a game with the remote control in their hands. The story has been written and rehearsed with every possible ending so as to enable the performers to be ready at any given point to change their course of direction. This light, interactive yet intriguing story is now being presented on Broadway and Mystery of Edwin Drood tickets are your entry to a show where the answer to the crucial question rests with the audience inside the theatre.

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About Mystery Of Edwin Drood

The plot of the Mystery of Edwin Drood revolves around the characters of Edwin Drood and his uncle John Jasper. John Jasper develops a lusting desire for his student Rose Budd who also happens to be Drood’s fiancé. Other supporting characters of the play include Indian siblings Neville and Helena, Princess Puffer, Reverend Chrisparkle and gravedigger Durdles. During the course of the play, Drood disappears under uncertain and suspicious circumstances giving rise to the underlying mystery of the plot. The story is set in the provincial English town of Rochester, Kent. This is also the setting that Dickens used for parts of his famous novels Great Expectations and Pickwick. In the Mystery of Edwin Drood, Rochester is disguised as a fictional town of Cloisterham.
Although Dickens had been unable to reveal the original culprit of his story, several factors tend to indicate towards the character of John Jasper. This perception was reinforced by a friend of Dickens, John Forster, to whom Dickens had described the plot. Further Dickens’s son also stated that his father had actually told him about Jasper being the murderer of the character, Edwin Drood. Besides the statements on the part of Dickens’ family and friends, the novel itself gives a number of hints pointing towards the character of John Jasper such as the scene where Jasper secretly goes to the graveyard along with Durdles. Also when Jasper is informed about the breakup of Edwin and Rose, instead of being delighted, he is in a state of shock perhaps thinking that he had undertaken the horrific task of a murder that was not even required. On the day of his nephew’s death, Jasper is in a very cheerful mood performing the choir in the cathedral with a great sense of satisfaction. These and other dynamics of the novel lead the audience to believe that Charles Dickens had in fact, laid down a foundation for the revelation of the murderer at the end of his classic story.
Following Charles Dickens’s unfortunate death, a number of companies and playwrights created various versions of the Mystery of Edwin Drood with respect to the original novel. The first modern theatrical adaptation was by Rupert Holmes, staged in the year 1985. The musical play won five Tony Awards. Since then, it has been adapted by several small scale professional and amateur productions. However to the delight of the audience, it is now being revived on Broadway and cheap Mystery of Edwin Drood tickets provide you the chance of being part of this extraordinary piece of literature.
The actors of this play have a tough task at hand. Their spontaneity and comic timing is of utmost importance since the audience can pick and choose any given characters to develop a romantic angle of the story, further choosing the main culprit as well. Dickens may not have been able to complete this intriguing story, but Rupert Holmes’s book, music, lyrics along with audience interaction and actors’ spontaneity have made it all the more interesting, innovative  and engaging with a different ending every night as the majority votes. Buy Mystery of Edwin Drood tickets to see that famous musicals need not be revived only through darker and serious adaptations, rather it the spontaneity of performances backed by excellent choreography and music that sets the foundation of the success of a play. 

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