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In the world of theatre and drama, nothing is remotely as beautiful and unique as the prose of the legendary William Shakespeare. His details, characterizations, rhymes and rhythms and above all his rich English vocabulary have set high standards for dramatic excellence to be measured by.  ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is one of his most popular and delightful plays. Written in the era of Queen Elizabeth’s reign I, the play is a light hearted romantic comedy that takes a dig at the gender clichés of the time in the most subtle way. Much Ado About Nothing tickets are a chance for the audience to go back in time to explore the beautiful play of words and characterizations by Shakespeare with a modern and contemporary touch added.

About Much Ado About Nothing Tickets

Set in Messina, the play begins with the return of a pair of victorious soldiers namely Benedick and Claudio who fall for the sisters Beatrice and Hero respectively. Being outspoken and straightforward Benedick and Beatrice proclaim their love and desire to marry each other. On the other hand, Claudio and Hero are a shy and reserved couple who are unable to express or confess their mutual feelings. Benedick and Beatrice decide to bring them together by tricking them into confessing their love to each other. However, the plan backfires when the villain of the story Don John tricks Claudio into believing that Hero has been unfaithful.
The theme of infidelity and betrayal is the core of the play. Many of the male characters of the story are suffused with the concept that women are disloyal by nature and a man has no means of finding out if his woman has been insincere. The villain of the story plays upon this weakness and insecurity of a man when he leads Claudio into questioning Hero’s love for him. In a very clever yet subtle manner, Shakespeare presents his version of Balthasar’s song called ‘Sigh No More’ which conveys a sense of acceptance of man’s infidelity on the part of woman thus drawing a stark contrast of the dual mindset of the society at large. Shakespeare takes a dig at this dualism through the contemptuous remark of Benedick when he compares the singing to a crying dog.
The play quotes many examples of how people’s own weaknesses lead them into the dark and allow others to take advantage of them. Almost every character of the play resorts to an indirect way to achieve their objective. Whether its Benedick and Beatrice who make a secret plan of bringing Claudio and Hero together, Don John (villain) who plays the game of accusing Hero of infidelity or Claudio and Hero, who instead of being cordial and frank with each other allow others to create misunderstandings between them. Everyone in the story is acting and playing behind masks. The prime example is that of the character of Margaret who disguises as Hero to prove to Claudio of Hero’s wrong doings. Further when Hero is pronounced dead during the play, her father asks Claudio to marry his niece instead which, in fact, is Hero herself hiding behind a mask. 
Hence, the title of the play ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ rightly implies that a great unnecessary fuss is made out of something that is not even an issue in the first place.  ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ is also called ‘Much Ado About Noting’  as the two words namely ‘nothing’ and ‘noting’ were regarded as homophones during the time of Shakespeare. The title’ Much Ado About Noting’ with the word ‘noting’ also gives a certain understanding and view to the story, which is that most of the characters and actions taking place in the play are based on spying, criticizing, pretending and accusing others. All these are values associated with the word ‘Noting’.
This delightful play by William Shakespeare was first staged in late fifteenth century. However time has had no affect on its massive appeal as it continues to be equally if not more popular than it was during Shakespeare’s era. Cheap Much Ado About Nothing tickets are in stock providing the opportunity to witness the extraordinary comic word play by William Shakespeare presented by a cast of extremely talented performers. It is one of his most humorous and humane plays as it presents an insight of human behavior and emotions in the most light-hearted manner. So get your Much Ado About Nothing tickets to watch one of the best plays by the King of drama.