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Milk Like Sugar is a spectacular play with a moving story behind it is the production of La Jolla Playhouse and is being showcased at various venues. Thus, if watching theater is what attracts you, then you should definitely give this particular play a second and even third look. Created by Kirsten Greenridge, this play is directed by Rebecca Taichman and is produced by La Jolla Playhouse collaborating with Theatre Masters. The play’s story is in itself quite unique and entertaining while filled with a unique message at the same time. Thus, this play will move you to tears and also teach you something valuable, a must see for today’s teenagers for it portrays teenagers and the various decisions they are faced with in the course of their lives.

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About Milk Like Sugar

Milk Like Sugar’s main character is a sixteen year old girl named Annie. This girl lives in a small town, described as ‘dead end’ in the play, and the story revolves around the various choices and lives of Annie and her friends. The play tells us that despite Annie and her friends living in a small and obscure town, their dreams do not diminish at all but are rather even more energetic. This group of teenagers, bored by life in a small town, band together with the aim of changing their future and creating it anew. How do they do this? They enter into a pact together which is epically life changing and that is where the story truly begins.
Annie, the star of the show, starts thinking deeply on her life and what it is that she wants out of it after entering into this pact. Thus, Milk Like Sugar revolves around the struggles Annie faces and how her friends are involved in this. This entertaining and surprising play uses humor too, the producers term as savage mixed with poetry they call gritty. Thus, a sizzling blend of humor, poetry and emotion results in Milk Like Sugar tickets worth seeking. The play shows the audience how the characters go through various challenges in life, how they make choices, and how they choose between living in the safe and stable life they are in or changing this for a life that is dangerous but is the life they desire. Thus, this story about choices and the challenges is a must-see not only for teenagers but also for adults and parents. Teenagers will learn how Annie copes with her problems and somehow be inspired by it and parents will learn about problems teenagers face and thus better understand their sons and daughters.
This particular play has won the highly coveted Edgerton Foundation New American Plays Award. This achievement truly describes the caliber of the play, its creators, directors and producers and lastly, its characters and the actors and actresses behind these characters. La Jolla Playhouse is a highly renowned theatre situated in La Jolla, a suburb of San Diego in California. It is a Tony Award winning outfit filled with professionals in the art that is theater and has performed numerous plays with several plays held regularly each season. Milk Like Sugar is but one of the plays La Jolla Playhouse is responsible for.
The purpose of La Jolla Playhouse, producer of Milk Like Sugar, is to promote theater as an art as well as a very important social, political and moral platform. In fact, the theater production house uses this platform to give artists creative opportunities to express themselves and hopes to do so in the future as well. It is driven by a youthful, energetic and artist based system that hardly lack professionalism but is also as creative as possible. This company has bagged a record three-hundred awards for their work and has been doing so since 1947. A good number of La Jolla’s plays have gone on to Broadway and these plays have then earned around twenty-nine Tony Awards. Examples include Big River, A Walk in the Woods, Dracula and I Am My Own Wife.
One of the venues for this excellent play in none other than the Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theatre under the management of the University of San Diego, California and is six-thousand five hundred feet large with state of the art technologies. It is simply the perfect venue for Milk Like Sugar and the venue of choice if you are looking at Milk Like Sugar tickets.
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