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Meshuggah is band from Sweden, Umea that plays extreme metal and experimental metal music. They first came together in 1987. The current lineup for the band consists of Fredrik Thordendal who plays the lead guitars, Jens Kidman who is the lead vocalist, Marten Hagstorm, the rhythm guitarists, Tomas Haake, the dummer and Dick Lovegren, the bassist. The band has played with three different bassists before settling on Lovegren. Meshuggah was founded by band members Kidman and Thordendal. Their latest album, “Koloss” has done extremely well commercially, both in Sweden and in the US. The band will be embarking on a tour to play their album live. Meshuggah tickets and dates for the tour have been announced.

About Meshuggah

When the band was formed in 1985, it was originally called Metallien. Under this name, they recorded a bunch of demos, but ultimately disbanded. Guitarist Thordendal, however, kept on playing under a different name and sought out different band members. Thus, the Meshuggah that we know today was born in 1987 when Kidman and Thordendal came together. Meshuggah in Yidish means “crazy”. This lineup also recorded several demos, but then Kidman decided to leave the band, and one by one, the rest of the members left as well. Kidman and Thorendal formed a new band called Calipash, with new band members. Thorendal decided to restore the name Meshuggah for themselves again.
Finally in 1989, this ultimate lineup of the band recorded an EP called “Psykisk Testbild” which is translated to English as “Psychological Test Picture”. They recorded their first ever studio album when they were signed to a German record label, “Nuclear Blast” that specialized in heavy metal. Their debut album was called “Contradictions Collapse” and this became their first ever full length album. The album was not a huge success commercially. The band was still trying to gather fans and was selling cheap Meshuggah tickets so that more people would come to their shows. This way, they were building up their name in the underground music scene.
Meshuggah first came to the international forefront in 1995 with the release of their album “Destroy Erase Improve”. The record was a fusion of a number of rock elements-progressive metal, thrash metal, and death metal with hints of fast tempo jazz tones.  During this time they also sold some Meshuggah tickets in Europe when “Nuclear Blast” organized a tour for them. It was on the return from this tour that they recorded “Destroy Erase Improve”. With the release of the album, the band sold even more Meshuggah tickets in Europe, this time in collaboration with Machine Head, a band for which they served as the opening act. It was during this tour that the bassist of the time, Nordin began to suffer with problems in his ear due to which he had to return to Sweden. Meshuggah remained a four member band for a while.
Now, Meshuggah tickets were sold to fans in Germany and Scandinavia when they toured with the band Clawfinger. In this tour, Gustaf Hielm took Nordin’s place as bassist.
Sometime around 1996, Thorendal began to work on his solo album as well. The following year, the band released a few demos and played around local shows, selling cheap Meshuggah tickets and trying to attract new local fans.
In 1998, their next album, “Chaosphere” was released. Following the release of the album, the band went on a tour of the US as well. They collaborated this time with Slayer for their concert tour. At this point, they had started to be recognized as a band in the mainstream music scene. They had started to appear on metal and rock magazines and were beginning to make headlines in the heave metal and rock music world.
Now, Meshuggah has become known as important names in heavy metal music for their innovative style and for their technical prowess. Rolling Stones magazine has named them “one of the most important names in hard rock and heavy metal band”. The Alternative Press named them the sole most important name in heavy metal. They have been especially recognized by those magazines that pay attention to specific instrument—rock guitar magazines or drummer magazines. They have the ability to polarize their fans with each new sound that they introduce, for they never visit the same waters twice.
With the latest album, the band is hitting the road once more. Order now and get the chance to get cheap Meshuggah tickets to see them live.

For twenty five years one metal band has carried the torch and played as big a part as any to turn the genre into the phenomenon it is right now. Meshuggah is that amazing group. In their native Sweden and around the world, they have been among the biggest international extreme metal sensations of the past two decades. So if you want to catch them live then you are in luck because all you need are Meshuggah tickets for they are on another wonderful road trip.
The group comes from Umea, Sweden. Fredrik Thordendal conceived the idea of forming a group in 1985 and called it Metallien. They recorded a few demos but the band disbanded sometime later. That did not deter Fredrik and he went on to team up with Jens Kidman to form Meshuggah as we know it today in 1987. They took their first steps in music by coming out with Meshuggah which was an EP with only three tracks. During this time they were playing in and around the city and their music had started to generate headlines. The talents were recognized by the label Nuclear Blast who signed them up in 1990. The deal led to them working on their debut album Contradictions Collapse. It came out on 1st October, 1991 and immediately became a critical hit. Their next album was titled Destroy Erase Improve and it hit the music stores in the summer of 1995. Just like its predecessor the album also received rave reviews from critics and went on to become a substantial hit. They followed its release by embarking on a road trip that lasted for over a month.
Meshuggah then decided to move from Umea to further their profile and take their music to an even bigger audience. Stockholm was selected as their preferred destination for re-location. That move not only enabled them to move closer to their label but also brought them to the notice of a flourishing music industry. Their first release after moving to Stockholm was an EP titled True Human Design and it was released in the last part of the year 1997. They went on a tour of the U.S in 1998 but not before releasing Chaosphere before that. It was during that time in their career that they had started to make some serious headlines abroad which brought them to the notice of a much larger audience than they had previously been used to. Various journeys to different parts of the US and Europe followed. Once they returned from those journeys they went to work on to release Nothing in the year 2002. It marked the group's debut on the Billboard 200 that really put them in the spotlight. The end of the year was marked with another headlining tour.
The group then came out with a different type of album which was a direct result of their constant drive to keep on evolving their music. The album was titled Catch Thirtythree and it hit the music stores in 2005. The attempt at evolution was a success and it earned Meshuggah a Swedish Grammy nomination. The month of March, 2008 saw them hit the headlines for all the right reasons once again with the release of their album obZen. The group had spent around a year working and fine tuning the album and it showed. It became their most successful creation till that point in time and took their stardom to a whole new level on the global scale. To commemorate the achievements of the album the group decided to go on their first ever world tour which was an unprecedented success.
Meshuggah and their fans are in for a special treat because they are now on another sensational road trip. This isn't just any band; it's a group of iconic stature that has been regarded by the biggest names in the industry among the most successful and important of all time. If you want a dose of adrenaline pumping metal at its best then grab your Meshuggah tickets and catch them live.

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