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In order to create awareness in the public about the female health, majority of people adopt the idea of running a campaign. A novel idea was thought in 2001 when Menopause, The Musical was staged in Florida in a small 76 seated theatre. Under the direction of Kathleen Lindsey, the musical is based on four women who shop for lingerie at Bloomingdale’s sale. During this time they sing almost 25 songs with each focusing on a particular state that menopausal woman goes through.

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Jeanie Linders wrote the musical and it targeted the right audience, the menopausal women who have always been neglected by the mainstream. Menopause, the musical was greatly applauded by the majority as a huge flock of women turned up to convey a silent message that the women need to be vocal for their issues. The huge success marked the massive group sale promotions and the magnanimous off-Broadway success emerged in taking it to the international level. The musical has taken part in making contributions for fight against ovarian cancer and raising awareness of menopause-related issues. Menopause the musical is now staged at Mcallen Texas, where the women will have double advantage. With the intention to gain entertainment a silent awareness message will also be passed on to them thus making them more vigilant and aware of this phase in their life. Get Menopause the musical Mcallen tickets now and be the part of this awareness and entertainment ride now!

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