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Many children and adults alike have been touched in one way or the other by the great work of Mark Twain. Hal Holbrook devised a unique way of bringing Mark Twain back to the masses through the event named Mark Twain Tonight. He amalgamated many works of the great Twain to come up with a mixture of extremely entertaining recitals from his many scriptures. The show does however bend towards comedy a bit more. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn remain to be the major portion however.

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About Mark Twain Tonight

Holbrook initially stumbled upon a marvelous idea in the late forties where he would portray various famous people while on stage in a sort of interview. His wife at the time, Ruby Holbrook, acted as the presenter taking the interviews. The critics and fans alike, loved the portrayal of Hal as Mark Twain in Mark Twain Tonight. Holbrook fed on this rendition of his show which he performed in the fall of 1954 in a college of repute in Pennsylvania. Over the next few years, he worked on the scripts the cast, the editing the expenses and finally by 1959 was able to premier his first adaptation at an off-Broadway theatre. His work was not immediately recognized. He had to wait an agonizing yet rewarding seven years before a New York producer smiled his way out of the theater. That producer was the famous John Lotas. With his guidance and production prowess, Holbrook saw his brainchild premier at the 41st Street Theater on Broadway. The show ran for a staggering one hundred and seventy four performances and was critically acclaimed, helping Holbrook become a star. He was given numerous literary awards as well as prestigious performance awards such as the Tony Award. When CBS gave Holbrook the opportunity to make a TV broadcast production out of his brainchild, Holbrook humbly accepted and went on to win an Emmy in 1968. 
Many avid readers may think that Mark Twain Tonight show is a thing of the past; however, it has proven to be as timeless as Mark Twain. Even in 2006, Holbrook continued touring his production while acting in it as well. An interesting thing to note about the play is famous note which he concocted in his days at the off-Broadway theater. He printed an extremely hilarious analogy of his skit on the back of all the tickets which became so famous that now those tickets are collector’s items and have been known to fetch upwards of eight thousand dollars. One part of that note portrayed Mark Twain being a part of the act itself and quipped on conceding to show up thanks to his avid fan following of this century.
By 2012, Holbrook has become a legend on Broadway. It has been a staggering fifty eight years that he has kept his character alive in Mark Twain Tonight. To pay homage to the greatest of great Samuel Langhorne Clemens, aka Mark Twain, in a show that would premier in Elmira, New York to a sellout crowd. It would be an amazing and outstanding homage paid to one of the greatest writers of our time. This show called Mark Twain Tonight is an embodiment of what Mark Twain was back in the early and mid eighteen hundreds.
Mr. Clemens notable works include, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. This has more often than not been called one of the greatest books ever written in the literary history of the United States. With his humble beginnings in Missouri, Mr. Clemens rummaged through different careers such as mining and boating before he discovered his passion for writing outshone everything else. What a passion it was. His humorous story telling became a nationwide best seller and he never looked back after that. Although he lacked financial prowess owing to his humble background, he more than made up for it with his relentless efforts and hard work at his passion for writing. He started speaking publicly, pushing men and women to realize if they had a dream or a passion to write, how they should reach out and grab it. Across the globe, Mark Twain Tonight became a sensation. He was invited to investiture ceremonies, coronations, public speaking gatherings and even national day parades. He was pure American royalty.
This is a spectacular time to grab those Mark Twain Tonight tickets. With those Mark Twain Tonight tickets in your hands, you are surely going to enjoy a fabulous event. 

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