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Lysistrata Jones is a very prized, ancient play that has survived through the times and is still being produced and staged on Broadway. It is much revered owing to the fact that it was written all those many years ago by the famous comic playwright of Athens, Aristophanes, whose works have been noted not only for their remarkably outstanding plots but also for the radically different comedy strategy that was introduced by the man. Today this classic hilarious production has been modernized and re-written to fit the mindset of a quintessential Twenty-first century theatre. The musical’s book has been written by Douglas Carter Beane, who is well known for his works in The Little Dog Laughed, with music and lyrics by musical genius Lewis Flynn, the composer who contributed wonderfully to the play The Divine Sister. The play has been beautifully choreographed and brilliantly directed by Dan Knechtges who has famously worked in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and has been nominated for the Tony Awards. With such multi talented minds collaborating on the originally Greek play, it is no surprise how the Lysistrata Jones tickets are all the theater hype these days. 

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About Lysistrata Jones

Lysistrata Jones is an age-old theatrical treasure that was staged for the first time as early as 424 BC and most importantly the play has been noted as the departure from the old comedy conventions of the Greeks. This play was performed as a musical for the first time in 1910 in London at the Little Theatre in Adelphi. Then in 1946 it was staged in New York featuring an all black cast where the show was given many more layers to its meaning than just the gender tension it had originally focused on. An opera version of the play was performed at the Houston Grand Opera, which was composed by Mark Adamo. In 2011 the musical was taken up as a project by the Transport Group Theater Company who staged the show at the Judson Memorial Church Gymnasium in New York, with Liz Mikel and Patti Murin performing the major roles. The modern day version has brought many Lysistrata Jones tickets into much demand and circulation among the theater-going crowds. 
Lysistrata Jones centers round the themes of gender politics where the character of Lysistrata convinces the women of her community to strategically withhold any pleasurable contact with their men until they give up war and commit themselves to peaces instead. The Twenty-first century Broadway version by Douglas Carter Beane however, takes a similar plot and storyline with the same themes and sets it along a new parallel story in which the character of Lyssie J. is given the voice of Lysistrata. Lyssie is the head of her cheerleading group and a transfer student to the old Athens College where she is surprised to find that the expectations to top anything, including basketball and other sports, are so low that the students so not bother putting in effort. She wants to rekindle the passion in college activities with particular reference to her boyfriend Mikel’s basketball team and finally comes up with a great idea. She convinces her little squad of girlfriends to not ‘give it up’ to their college boyfriends who are all basketball players, until the boys win a game. In the ensuing events the group learns that abstinence is a very successful and unique technique that makes the couples fonder of one another. The story is quick paced, attracting many teenagers to getting cheap Lysistrata Jones tickets that promise a fun evening with friends. 
Lysistrata Jones is a very exciting, energetic pop culture musical version that has attracted many theater goers. It has a quick and easy, believable script with some really amazing rock and roll, pop tracks as a musical score. The show features a truly gripping storyline, that though is predictable, is nonetheless entertaining. Also contributing to the spectacular aspect of the musical is its intriguing choreography full of bounce and thrilling dance that almost compels the audience to stand up and swing. Dan Knechtges has thoroughly given all to the musical and his dexterously tried efforts speak in the dance moves. His strong choreography has already been much praised for its distinct storytelling quality, its unimaginably enthralling comedy aspect and excellent show biz characteristics. He is known to have certain very special skills he encourages and applies to his choreography and directions including high energy flag-twirling, roller-skating and gymnastics among several others. Get cheap Lysistrata Jones tickets and enjoy watch the light-hearted comedy with friends.

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