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Have you ever seen a live musical being performed on stage? The graceful performers and the most magical music you have ever experienced. Don’t miss out on your chance to see the most favorite musical of the century called Love Never Dies. Its lyrics are written together by Glenn Slater and Charles Hart, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the book was written by Ben Elton, Slater and Webber.  This musical is a sequel of Lloyd Webber's musical The Phantom of The Opera, but the story does not follow the original book. The musical when performed is breathtaking in its own way. So get your hand on your Love Never Dies tickets and enjoy a great show. The story line of the musical includes Christine Daaé who has been anonymously invited to perform at a place called the Phantasma. She takes along her husband and her son to her destination, but she does not realize that it is actually the Phantom who has organized this performance. It is an interesting musical especially for those who have seen the performance of "Phantom of The Opera". A tempting plot of the story and to see what will happen; you must watch this musical performance. For this you have to purchase your Love Never Dies Tickets and watch the ending of this story.
The background or the history of this famous musical has been a tough one especially for Lloyd Webber. He has been working on this musical Love Never Dies since 1990, but it wasn't until 2007 that he was able to start writing its music. In the second week of March 2010, the musical made its debut at the Adelphi Theater in the West End. There it was choreographed by Jerry Mitchell and was directed by Jack O'Brien. But due to a few glitches in the musical it was close for about 4 days in 2010 November and was opened with a new director named Bill Kenwright. Bob Crowley was in charge of the costumes and the set. But at that point it received negative reviews and the Broadway production was delayed. To be successful, there comes a time when one always fails to achieve their goal. There is always negative criticism since you can't have everyone liking your work and there are many who would love to see it. That is what Lloyd Webber did, he set out to satisfy the audience who already loved his work and musicals and were willing and ready to have a chance to see his work again.
Like any other artist, Lloyd Webber did not give up hope. In the same year the musical won seven awards at the Broadway UK Awards ceremony in best musical, BEST leading actor in musical, best sound, Best Direction of musical, best lighting, best scenic, Best orchestration. As if that was not all in 2011, Love Never Dies also won an award at Laurence Oliver Award ceremony and two other awards on WhatsOnStage.com Awards for best actor and supporting actor in a musical. The musical has also won the Best costume, Scenic, and lighting award at the Helpmann Award ceremony. The best review received by the critics was of Paul Taylor from The Independent who gave the musical five stars and stating that it was without a doubt the most excellent work of Jack O'Brien whose production was beautiful. Not only that but the breathtaking music of Lloyd Webber, were what made the musical appear even more real. He also praises Bob Crowley for his lyrics and Jon Driscoll for the design of the set which made it seem more like Coney Island than a stage.
The lights, the stage, actors in their costumes, the music and the voices raised are all beyond what you have expected. Go along to see it before it finishes. It will be an amazing experience. Get your Love Never Dies Tickets and have the most exciting time of your life. Take your loved ones with you, family and friends alike, this is a must watch performance and it is a guarantee that you are going to love this musical. You do not need to be a fan of musicals or live performances to have to watch this show. Nor do you need to have seen the Phantom of The Opera musical to know the story of the musical. Why not enjoy the amazing experience, think of it as a journey to another world.

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Q:Can I get a refund on the tickets to love never dies london december 2016?

A:Sorry, you cannot get a refund on Love Never Dies Tickets because it is against the company's policy.