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The spectacular dance success of Jean Grand-Maitre proceeds to Alberta stages. The acclaimed production inspired by music star, Elton John is one of the most remarkable productions. Love Lies Bleeding is a contemporary dance production featuring aerialists and dancers. Featuring Bernie Taupin’s and Sir Elton John’s music, this poetic modern work explores the accomplishments, sacrifices and trials that come along with super stardom. Elton John is a name well-known in the music circles. With his unique talent and the sheer intensity and power of his music, he has influenced the music world and inspired many. The ballet cannot be regarded as a biography of the singer, but it artistically dwells on different subjects that have been part of his life. It is more of a dance spectacle that is entertaining many. The show is being enjoyed by people from diverse age groups and is showing to packed venues.

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About Love Lies Bleeding

A non-profit organization, Alberta Ballet came to existence back in 1966. Today, Alberta Ballet along with its thirty one dancers is one of the largest ballet companies in Canada. This innovative company includes a diverse range of ballets comprising both modern and classics work and has been giving exciting performances. Love Lies Bleeding  is a special music show celebrating the music and life of  Elton John. The life of this artist is brought to life through the magic of dance and spectacular choreography. The show includes an unforgettable rock ‘n’ roll, passion, drama, love and defeat story that features Elton John’s greatest hits such as Bennie and the Jets Rocket Man, Belie and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Love Lies tickets will take you in another world created on the stage where you can enjoy the  live dance performance of a talented team and the popular numbers of Elton John.

Jean Grand-Maitre is the choreographer of the production. He has given a modern and strong choreography that is artistic and also entertains audiences. Costumes have been designed by Martine Bertrand. Pierre Lavoie has done the lighting design. The marvelous sets have been designed by Guillaume Lord. Claude Lemelin has done a great job for the sound design and Adam Larsen took care of the video projections. Love Lies Bleeding is a semi-abstract ballet that comprises of fourteen classic numbers of the popular artists. The music numbers included in the performance are mostly by Elton John. This ballet is said to be a journey via series of theatrically active tableaux, into the dangerous yet powerful pop music world. The show beautifully relates the  tale of painful sacrifices made to achieve and maintain a super stardom status.

This important world premiere brings together the internationally acclaimed director of Alberta Ballet, Jean Grand-Maitre with a creatively powerful team of five designers. This ballet is all set to rock the world with its upcoming premiere that promises to be a great entertaining event. If you want to enjoy the show without burdening your pocket then you can find some Cheap Love Lies tickets by browsing our website and book them in advance. The show will be featuring more than two hundred singers, four highly praised soloists, thirty one hand-picked international dancers, nine great composers, over thirty exceptional designers and seven internationally acclaimed choreographers along with other artists.

Drawn from a schedule of forty seven weeks, this year’s event is certain to dazzle fans and dance aficionados with a blend of a number of new and exciting creations and the greatest masterpieces of the twentieth century. Rocket Man is the show’s most imaginative song. Love Lies Bleeding has headlined several tours across the nation and attracted millions of fans and gained huge success.  So, hurry and purchase your cheap Love Lies tickets before it’s too late as you sure don’t want to miss it.

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