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The Tallulah Organization presents Looped, one of the most exciting shows on Broadway this season. Looped tickets bring you an exciting musical that must not be missed at any cost. Looped’s world premiere took place in 2008 at the Pasadena Playhouse. The initiation on this show was followed by another big show at the West Palm Beach. The success of the show at the Cuillo Center for Performing Arts then led the show to DC’s Arena Stage. In 2010 the show finally landed in Broadway. After a brief run of twenty seven previews and a dozens of regular performances it went off Broadway. The play returns this year with a national tour that will feature members of the original creative Broadway members. Be sure to join in for great fun that will keep you hooked from the beginning to end.

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About Looped

Producers Tony Cacciotti and Ann Cady Scott wanted to restart this show since it discontinued playing. They have recreated and re-launched it as a great theatrical entertainment that has come to theater lovers after a long time. The play revolves around a fictional showdown in a recording studio between a loop artist Valerie Harper and the studio editor. Written by Matthew Lombardo who is famous for his works High and Tea at Five, the play has great satire, mockery and wit. This play is intense and emotionally uplifting at the same time. It has a great theme that has earned him more acclaim than any of his works.
Looped is based on a 1965 true story of a Bankhead a film actress who is in her late career comes to a sound studio for a re-recording. This recording is special as “Die, Die, My Darling” will be her last movie and she like always she wants to give it her best shot. However, she arrives intoxicated and is unable to perform her single line of dialogue. This orientation leads to a very funny set of events where one finds an inebriated Bankhead making the world go round.
Harper is the strongest performer of this musical; this Emmy Award winner has made this show a wonderful treat. For theater lovers and Harper fans, this season is special as Harper makes a comeback after brave recovery after being diagnosed for lung cancer. The show has been directed by Rob Ruggiero; he will head the national tour of Looped this season.
This play is surely being regarded as one the most ingenious and hilarious new plays on Broadway.  It is the effort of a brilliant team of actors and artists. The cast and the production team have worked very hard to make this play a success. Everything from the sets, costumes, sounds and lightning was exceptionally handled. No wondered the stage outshined like never before. Works of scene designer Adrian Jones have helped every bit of the play impress the audiences. William Ivey Long’s costumes are to die for. The sound and lightening of Michael Hooker and Michael Gilliam have also made the play a wonderful theatrical experience.
Harper in the leading role as Tallulah Bankhead comes in contact with another highlight of the show Brian Hutchison. Hutichison plays Danny Miller (a recreating sound editor) and Matthew Montelongo  who is Steve (a sound technician); Miller and Steve become a part of a hilarious tussle. They all struggle between a tight schedule and Bankhead’s non sober delivery ending up in an outrageous showdown.

Harper has an exceptional performance profile; it boasts of roles on touring plays such as Allergist's Wife and Golda's Balcony. Her television performances on shows like the Rhod and The Mary Tyler Moore Show has won great critical acclaim. Tallulah Bankhead is a role that has truly inspired Harper as an actress. Not only was she received a Tony Award nomination for her role in this play, but it also inspired her as an artist. She has delivered Bankhead with simple and intricate acting throughout. The result of her efforts can be seen in the joy and excitement experienced by everyone who has seen her perform. The role has been had a profound impact on herself, her fans and the overall play.

Looped is a hysterically funny play that has enthralled theater lovers in the past. This season you have a superb opprotunity to watch this play on the national tour. With Loped tickets you too can be a part of this awe-inspiring play. Tickets are selling fast; hence it is advised to book you seats in advance. Purchase cheap Looped tickets for great bargains today!

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