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Circle in the Square Theater is a Broadway theater and was built in 1951 originally. After it's renovation in the 70's it has become a prime location for some of the best plays in the world. It's first Broadway production came in 1972 and ever since the theater has housed and showed many great plays. It has a seating capacity of 650 and has the luxury of a thrust stage. After the last production 'The Miracle Worker', the theater will now be showing a new play. The new play called Lombardi started previews in September and is being performed since 21st October. Lombardi takes us through a week in the 1965 season of Green Bay Packers, as they tried to win the championship under the coach Vince Lombardi. The story of the play is derived from the best-selling Biography 'When Pride Still Mattered : A Life of Vince Lombardi'. Vince Lombardi is said to be one of the greatest American football coaches ever and has received many honors during his life including induction into the Hall of Fame. Dan Lauria and Judith Light are heading the cast and the play is being directed by Thomas Kail. The play is meant to be a powerful display Vince Lombardi and his interaction with players and how emotions drove the Packers to victory. The play has a lot of potential and can be watched regardless of whether one is a football fan or not. Get your Lombardi Circle in the Square Tickets today and watch this Broadway play.

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Lombardi is a new play which is basically based on the best seller biography ‘When Pride Still Mattered: A Life of Vince Lombardi’, written by the award winning writer David Maraniss. Vince Lombardi is undoubtedly one of the greatest and inspirational sports figure. The ‘Hall Of the Fame’ winner Vince Lombardi was American Football Coach of Green Bay Packers. One of the Super Bowl Trophies is named on the name of this legendary figure. Eric Simonson, who is an Academy Award winner and Steppenwolf Theatre Company member made this show. The story revolves around how Lombardi inspires and motivates you to achieve what you want but you think you cannot. It focuses on a week in 1965 when Lombardi leads his team to the championship.

Thomas Kail directs the show Lombardi; and Dan Lauria & Judith Light head the play’s cast. Lombardi’s personal and professional life, some great sayings, inspirational moves and football related props are seen in the play which make it interesting. The basic message that is given in the play goes like "Winning isn’t everything, but the Will to win is everything". Even if you don’t know the coach or you’re not interested in football, still you will love the show as it can simply be applied to your daily life. One of the best Coaches in the history, who is the inspiration for people from all ages and professions, teaches you to follow your dreams! The show premiered on Broadway in October 2010 and is scheduled to run till June. Lombardi is a Must-Watch new musical which is becoming very popular rapidly. Get your Lombardi New York Tickets and watch the most recommended show!