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Personifying the voices from the gory battlefields of Iraq, this piece of art instills in audience a feeling of firsthand experience of all the atrocities of battle climate. The script and dynamics of the “Letters Home” are based on actual letters sent by the deployed soldiers to their families, during the war. Get your Letters Home Thousand Oaks tickets to see realities of Iraq war come to life, from perspective of the people fighting it.

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The New York Times article “The Things They Wrote” and the documentary “Last Letters Home” have somewhat inspired the plot of the play. As the play progresses, audience begin to identify with the disoriented situations on the battle field faced by the soldiers, training complexities, separation from friends and family, and hostile environment on the combat zone. Although each soldier shares a different perspective and experience, all letters and hence all characters seem united on the belief that their joint identity is more important than their individualities.
Reviews about the “Letters Home” say that, as the play progresses, audiences get enveloped in patriotism, compassion, sense of community and brotherhood, and social responsibility. The actors beautifully enact the acts of fearlessness that were done purely out of selfless reasons. The incredible performances give the spectators an insight to a soldier’s life amidst raging war, and it does so without any politicization of ideas. The tickets are available for you at a lower price, so get your cheap Letters Home Thousand Oaks tickets today and get an insight into the lives of some of America’s bravest men and women.