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Jukebox musical Let It Be, which debuted in the West End in 2012, is based on the songs of legendary British rock and roll band The Beatles, featuring essentially a tribute band playing their music. Created by Joey Curatolo, it is one incredible theatrical concert jam presenting forty greatest Beatles hits and is now celebrating the quartet’s grand fiftieth anniversary. This is one spectacular opportunity for Beatles fans to really relive the band’s dramatic rise from their humble entrance in the Cavern Club of Liverpool, all the way through peak moments of Beatlemania, to later masterpieces in studio as well as live performances of their early hits such as Drive My Car, Twist and Shout and She Loves You. Alongside these songs, their mega global-hits are included such as Come Together, Hey Jude, Yesterday, and of course the all time favorite, Let It Be. The production has described this concert jam as a multimedia rich, electrifying spectacular that takes one back to the enchanting sixties when all one needed was love, with some help from friends. Beatlemania is really back in full verve with Let It Be tickets being the new hype among rock and roll fans, eager to celebrate the gold band’s fiftieth.

About Let It Be Tickets

Let It Be debuted in September 2012 at the prestigious Prince of Wales Theatre, and ran till January the next year, following which it was moved to Savoy Theatre, opening in February. Afterward the show, was to have limited engagement as a Broadway run between July and December at the well-know St. James Theatre. The production is featuring two bands that alternate performances. One comprises of Michael Gagliano as John Lennon, James Fox as Paul McCartney, John Brosnan as George Harrison, Phil Martin as Ringo Starr, and Ryan Alex Farmery as percussionist/keyboardist; the other group consists of Reuven Gershon as John Lennon, Emanuele Angeletti as Paul McCartney, Stephen Hill as George Harrison, Luke Roberts as Ringo Starr and Michael Bramwell as keyboardist/percussionist.

The initial scene of Let It Be is the Beatles being mimicked at the Cavern Club, in the early sixties. This is followed by a change of set alongside recreation of their Royal Variety Performance of 1963 at Prince of Wales Theatre, which in turn is followed by another new set and recreation of the groups’ 1964 performance at the famous Ed Sullivan Show. Yet another recreation is on way with a rather dramatic change suggesting helicopter noise and constant flickering of strobe lights at the Beatles 1965 concert at NYC’s Shea Stadium. Further sets make use of psychedelic and hallucinogenic designs to give an idea of what their later concerts were like. 

The show has received combined reviews, with one reviewer describing it as ‘a posh tribute gig’, with its later material moving up the gear with a fascinating wall of psychedelic music and wonderful day-glo costumes. Daily Telegraph observed that this production was just as good as it can get for the Fab Four fans, calling it as the ‘non-stop parade of hits’, while reviewer Michael Billington of The Guardian noted that the songs were executed ‘faithfully’ but the overall production could have been better. Christopher Biggins reviewed the show quite favorably commenting that the five boys were extraordinary, whose performance is a reminder to the oldies as well educating the young generation of just how brilliant the British band was. Charles Spencer of the Daily Telegraph wrote of his experience saying that after two wonderful hours (watching the concert/musical), he left feeling high as a kite. Music critic Steven Berkoff, described it as simply ‘phenomenal’, suggesting how accurately the artists playing the original band, acted coming  across as the ‘mop-heads’; their impersonations were just spot-on and seemed to channel the legendary four with their voices and bodies. This is a concert/musical not to be missed so make sure to grab some cheap Let It Be tickets, jazz up to your rock and roll spirits, and be there to celebrate the legendary band.