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Set against the historical events of the 19th century France, Les Misérables the musical narrates the story of rebellions, unrequited love, broken dreams and heartbreaking sacrifices. This timeless testament of the endurance and survival of the human soul has touched the hearts of millions of viewers over the years since it was first staged in Paris in 1980. The musical is based on the novel written by the famous French playwright and novelist Victor Hugo. Ever since its premiere, Les Misérables has been taken all across the globe and has witnessed sold out venues wherever it has been revived and staged. Now it will be performed in theatre near you, for which you can secure Les Misérables Vancouver tickets now.

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Les Misérables specifically revolves around the life of a prisoner Jean Valjean, who broke the parole under the supervision of a ruthless policeman by the name of Javert Crowe, who is on his hunt even after years of the event. Life actually changes for Valjean when he takes on the responsibility of upbringing of a factory worker’s child named Cosette. This season, one of the world’s longest running musicals will bring this beautiful story of passion and survival to your city. If you are a fan of musicals and theatricals and haven’t yet watched Les Misérables, you are missing out on a lot. This is your chance to witness Tony Award winning musical with cheap Les Misérables Vancouver tickets.