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In most occult rituals practiced by members of the uber elite, especially during initiation ceremonies of entities such as Skull and Bones and the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, misery and pain are heavily employed in debilitating the initiate, eventually rendering him reborn. However, such practices pale in intensity when compared to the grotesque and diabolical scenarios that are unfolded upon the human race at large by these ancient power structures. Witness a literary exposé on the perseverance of a lot of French citizens by booking some Les Miserables Tempe tickets.

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The Les Miserables Tempe staging takes it lead from the eponymous magnum opus of the French author Victor Hugo and creates a musical landscape that chronicles the rise of the protagonist Jean Valijean from the mired levels of the chain gang to the revered ones of mayoralty. However, his past continues to haunt him in the form of the policeman Javert and once the latter exposes his closeted skeletons, the former absconds with Cosette under his care and protects her until she finds a soul mate in Marius, whom Valijean rescues from the Parisian riots.
The Les Miserables Tempe event builds upon the world-class legacy of the inherent musical that has been avowing audiences since 1980. Clocking 6,680 performances on Broadway after premiering in 1987 and then hauling in eight Tonys and five Drama Desk Awards, Les Misérables has been hailed as one of the foremost musicals of the 20th and 21st century.  So secure some Les Miserables Tempe tickets now for being serenaded by musical misery.

Les Miserables is a musical based on the French novel with the same title, which was written by Victor Hugo back in 1860. The musical was composed by a French composer in 1980. It was adapted in English language in 1985 and premiered at Barbican Centre, London. Later the west end production and Broadway production took place. The musical proved to be extremely successful soon after it came into picture. It is the third longest running show on the Broadway in history; and the first ever musical to have three productions running simultaneously.  Last year, it completed ten thousand performances in London West End.

The story revolves around the struggles of the lay man for revolution and redemption in the 19th century. The emblem shows a touchy picture of the Cosette sweeping the floor. The success and popularity of the musical has led to the production in thirty eight countries in 22 different languages. The international tours, every 10 year anniversary concerts and the incredible routine performances grab the attention of millions of people at every show. Les Miserables has been nominated for various awards over the years and has won many of them including eight Tony Awards. Some of the most successful songs like ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ and many others have been included in the musical. The musical was ranked at number 1 in the BBC Radio Poll "Nation’s Number One Essential Musicals". Watching this particular musical is obligatory for all the theatre lovers and entertainment seekers. Grab your Les Miserables Gammage Auditorium Tickets today!

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