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Call it a play, call it an act, call it whatever you want but there is no denying the fact that the hilarious Late Nite Catechism is different. This wonderful theatrical production has made millions roll over with laughter since it first took to the stage and there are no signs it is about to stop anytime soon. It has hit the road for a brand new trip around the country so check the schedule and grab your Late Nite Catechism tickets for one funny ride.

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Late Nite Catechism

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Late Nite Catechism Great Room Theatre At Royal George Chicago Saturday
10/21/2017 5:00 PM
Late Nite Catechism Great Room Theatre At Royal George Chicago Sunday
10/22/2017 2:00 PM
Late Nite Catechism Great Room Theatre At Royal George Chicago Saturday
10/28/2017 5:00 PM
Late Nite Catechism Great Room Theatre At Royal George Chicago Sunday
10/29/2017 2:00 PM
Late Nite Catechism Great Room Theatre At Royal George Chicago Saturday
11/4/2017 5:00 PM

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About Late Nite Catechism

Late Nite Catechism is an idea that was conceived by the duo of Maripat Donovan and Vicki Quade. The play no only fits the definition of Participatory theatre but takes it beyond its conventional boundaries. Other acts, plays allow the live audience to interact with the people on stage but there aren’t too many theatrical productions that turn the people watching into a part of the entire show. Late Nite Catechism does all that and more to stunning effect.
This solo play revolves around a nun conducting a religious class in the city of Chicago in 1993. It is an adult class on how catechism works. Father Murphy was supposed to conduct the lecture but he decided not to show up so that he doesn’t skip his poker night. The students, who in this case happen to be the fans in attendance, are then treated to the teaching of a nun in the father’s place. She starts off by telling her students that she became a nun when it was great to be one. Those were the amazing days of the Catholic Church.
She tells everyone that her class contained fifty two students who all believed in religion. From there onwards the nun leads the audience to a hilarious recount of events and jokes of the time that preceded the Vatican-II. There also are questions for the class and whoever answers correctly gets to take home surprise gifts. On the other hand whoever gets their replies wrong is punished.
Late Nite Catechism made its debut in the year 1993 at the Live Bait Theater in Chicago. Donovan became the nun and got an Outer Critics Circle Awards nomination and other two LA Drama Critic Circle Awards nominations. Quade drafted the actual piece and was nominated for an LA Drama Circle Critics Award for her exploits at the turn of the century. The production duties were taken over the Entertainment Events, Inc in the year 1999and that has remained the case since.
Since then it has gone on to play in multiple cities of the US and abroad to immense positive acclaim from every corner. Its Seattle run holds the distinction of being the city’s longest running stage production. Another unique feature of the play is that the proceeds generated go towards supporting the nuns who have retired. The total amount generated over the years has topped the two million dollars mark. It is one fantastic production that shouldn’t be missed by theater fans. So grab cheap Late Nite Catechism tickets and be there when the class gets underway.

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