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If you want an evening full of laughter and fun, you are reading the right thing! Yes, I am talking about the Late Nite Catechism show which is a non-traditional comedy play. The long-running show revolves around only one fictitious character- the Catholic nun- who is the only person on stage. The hilarious play goes like the nun teaching in a class and the audience during the play becomes the students. Every ‘student’ is rewarded with a prize on the correct answers. The Catholic school’s atmosphere is created and the show definitely takes you back to school. The ‘class’ is so interesting that even the most un-interested and reluctant student would love to attend this class! Meaning thereby, each one of you would love to enjoy this irresistibly funny play.

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The play is written by Vicki Quade and Maripat Donovan and is meant to be more than just a comedy show, for those who have seen it. The “Hilarious, well-written and inspired”, as explained by New York Times, Late Nite Catechism is one of the longest running shows in the US theatre history. The play premiered in 1992, and is produced by the Entertainment Events, Inc. The revenue from the show goes for the welfare of the retired nuns. Since the very beginning, it has been extremely successful and popular among the audience. The unique and interactive comedy play guarantees the entertainment as it actually involves you as part of the performance. Get your Late Nite Catechism Chicago Tickets to enjoy the most amazing comedy show in the town!p>