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Spanish musical comedy La Barberia is written by Ari Maniel Cruz and David Maldonado. The name La Barberia means The Barber Shop, and it truly represents  the storyline and the plot of the play. It is a narration about how a barber shop remains the central gossip point for people coming from different backgrounds and varied professions, and provides them a chance to interact with each other and share the experiences. It also explains how a businessman from Washington Heights decides to leave his busy and successful life in search of his roots and origin, and what hardships he has to face in his quest. The story has a light mood about it and there are various situations and scenes in the play that bring smiles to the faces of all the audience.

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According to some critics, the story for the musical has aspects that have been taken up in many other similar ones, but it can not be denied that this musical has a special feel about it, thanks to the great direction and immaculate script writing. The actors performing it have also put in their best acting skills in the musical, and a collaboration of all these factors make La Barberia an experience that can not be described in words. For people who wish to watch a great musical about life and its experiences, La Barberia New York tickets promise them an experience that would not disappoint them!