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Kodo is a famous Japanese pro drumming group, a taiko drumming troupe based out of Saido Island in Japan. It has been active all over the world, particulary in the US where thousands of its Kodo tickets are sold each year. They are notable for being the major force behind the popularization of the art of taiko drumming in native Japan as well as abroad, particularly in the US and Japan.

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About Kodo

Their shows are known for being magical, featuring not only impossible musical feats with the drums but also with other traditional Japanese instruments such as the shamisen and the fue. Traditional Japanese dances are also part of the routine, often featuring some of the best traditional dancers. Like any American orchestra, this drumming troupe’s music is also composed by its own songwriters and performers, with their music often changing with each show.
Kodo’s mission is to preserve and portray traditional taiko drumming and other traditional Japanese music, a mission which has been much successful due to their global tours and even research trips. In a way, they have helped bring Japan’s music to the world. They have also collaborated with other artists and groups. They debuted onto the international music scene in 1981 when they performed at the Berlin Festival. Since then, they have staged over three thousand shows in five different continents.
The group spends a third of each year touring foreign countries, a third touring places in Japan and a third preparing new music and routines at their home on Sado Island. Since its founding, it has toured much of Europe, including the UK and Germany, countries in South America, US, Canada and even neighbouring Far East countries. It also organizes drum workshops, labeled Kodo Juku, which have been attended by many a drum aficionado.
An award winning professional taiko drumming group, Kodo has won such awards as the International Visual Music Festival’s MIDEM Music Video Award as well as the Japan Foreign Ministry Award. In the US and Canada, they have founded the Kodo Arts Sphere America. Their training is also one of a kind, with their home on Sado Island being twenty five acres of thickly forested land that they have converted into a village of sorts home to only members of the troupe.
This is a drumming group that is home to the likes of Yoshikazu Fujimoto, Chieko Kojima, Masami Miyazaki and Yoshie Sunahata. Its managing director is Takao Aoki with Makoto Shimazaki as the president of the Kodo Cultural Foundation. They have also released a number of albums, which have been certified gold, and composed music for some of the foremost Japanese movies, music that is often performed live much to the joy of those who have bought cheap Kodo tickets.

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Q:What is the process if i want to collect my kodo tickets from the venue?

A:When buying Kodo Tickets from our site just choose the "collect from venue" option. This way you can easily collect your tickets from the Will Call window on the day of the event.

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