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The sensational Japanese Kodo Drummers are coming this way for a series of events that will simply blow you away. With Taiko, the traditional Japanese drum in the center of everything that this wonderful group does, every concert of theirs is a heart pumping journey through Japanese music. So now that they are coming to you, this is your chance to book Kodo Drummers tickets and witness the magnificence live.

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About Kodo Drummers Of Japan

Saying Kodo Drummers, also known as the “Kodo Drummers of Japan,” are fans of drumming would be a huge understatement. This is what they do for a living and the beat taiko better than probably anyone else on the planet. The group was incepted when a lot of the members of another drumming troupe “Ondekoza” broke away to form their own band.
The fact they knew what taiko drumming was all about, it made their jobs a lot easier. The Kodo Drummers made their debut at the Berlin Festival in 1981. Their jaw dropping performance won the hearts of everyone in attendance and provided them with the perfect launch pad to bigger and greater things. Seven of the next ten years were spent on the road. They toured different parts of Europe, Far East as well as North and South American continents. The response was simply overwhelming as the group began to make headlines even on the global stage.
The next step was to create a permanent home base to live and train so “Sado Island” was selected to create the now famous “Kodo Village.”  The entire structure was built on twenty five acres. In 1988 it got ready for the performers to finally move in.  The married members of the group have now started to construct their own separate homes on the area adjacent to the complex.
The Kodo Drummers is a group consisting of forty eight performers with an additional two dozen supporting members. The addition of the part timers and the young students takes that total to seventy. The youngsters start off be staying and commuting for two years. A group out of those then moves to the junior members category and they spend another year in training. The youngsters who make the grade are then made permanent members of the Kodo Drummers.
Every performance starts off with the rhythmic beats of Japanese music. As the performance carries on the beating of taiko begins to gather pace with the end being the fastest part of the entire concert. The Kodo Drummers have headlined over a whooping three thousand and one hundred performance in multiple parts of the globe to immense acclaim.
The group is as big a global sensation as there is. They have made their mark and mesmerized millions of fans around the world in their own unique way. Music has no boundaries and no one typifies it more than the Kodo Drummers. So grab cheap Kodo Drummers tickets and make your way to the arena for a performance you will not forget in a hurry.

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