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With the focus on entertaining the supple minds, Knuffle Bunny a cautionary musical is one of its kinds. The joys and sorrows are just like the tiny pieces of family puzzle completing each other. The musical is an innocent story of a cute cuddly stuffed rabbit that goes on its first visit to laundry. The little girl’s feelings and her daddy love for the girl are all presented with vivid details. The musical is based on the six time Emmy award winner by Mo Willems. A fun packed musical committed to impress the young kids is a must watch this season.

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About Knuffle Bunny A Cautionary Musical

The story is about a thirteen month old Trixie who loses her beloved Bunny on her visit to the laundry one day. As every child has a strong bonding with the one beloved toy that means a whole world to it. Same was the case with Trixie who could never dream of parting with her beloved Bunny. Mo Willems wrote the script and songs thus making it very close to the original story. The whole book has been brought to life as the Knuffle Bunny a cautionary musical has made it look larger than life. Although a lot has been added to the story to make it into a complete show with all the necessary elements in it yet the characters of mom and dad are much closer to the reality. As the musical is focused more on the little kids, thus the characters are much loud, full of energy and large thus to attract the little minds. With catchy and attractive songs that are sure to take the hearts away, Knuffle Bunny a cautionary musical is one of its kinds.
Unable to bear the loss of her most beloved knuffle bunny, Trixie pours out her heart as she sings her solo number and describes her feelings vividly.  Those kids who have read the book will be greatly thrilled to watch the musical as they will get the chance to witness their beloved characters coming to life.  Knuffle Bunny a cautionary musical promises not to disappoint the young kids as the musical is full of energy on stage. The kids get the chance to interact with their beloved Knuffle Bunnies before the show begins thus giving a great chance to the success of the show.
The story is all about emotions of losing and being loved. The Knuffle Bunny was loved like anything and this excited him like anything. As the bunny was lost the emptiness in Trixie’s life was quite evident. The moods have changed, the aura has been gloomy and nothing seems to have worked out.  The simple story of a quick trip to the laundry seems easy to tell but gets pretty tough on the little one as the beloved toy is lost in the laundry machine. Soon the scene changes and the atmosphere get horrible and hilarious at the same time. The musical is all about exploration of emotions. Dad explores the emotions of his young girls who lose her beloved toy for the first time. The toy has its first trip to the laundry which in itself is stressful. Trixie utters her first words that are a great landmark for her yet the matter of need too. Thus the musical can be taken to an entirely new level and explored drastically.
Knuffle Bunny a cautionary musical ticket can be a perfect gift for your little one as it will get imprinted on their little minds and entertain them like anything. Nothing can beat the love that these supple souls give especially to their beloved toys and it remains with them for the times to come. Ponder upon giving an entirely new Christmas surprise to your young ones with cheap Knuffle Bunny a cautionary musical ticket as a perfect give away. Nothing can beat the fun, frolic and the energy that is displayed on stage with the show as innocent as the audience itself.

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