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Sun15 Sep12:00:PM The Ridgefield Playhouse,Ridgefield,WANational Theatre of London in HD: King Lear
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Sun15 Sep02:00:PM Cedar Street Playhouse,Rolla,MOKing Lear
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Known for his tragic plays which portray many of the problems of real life, the legend Shakespeare’s ever famous King Lear is being presented on-stage for you once again. With captivating performances and powerful dialogues, the play will definitely be one of the best you have seen so far. So book your King Lear tickets soon and guarantee yourself an exciting and memorable experience. Often remarked as Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy, the play explains in depth the emotions and behavior of humans under tough situations. The play tells the story of King Lear who falls prey to the evil motives of his two daughters and consequently loses his entire kingdom. It tactfully tackles feelings of madness, depression and treachery experienced by the King in the most convincing manner.

About King Lear

The plot of the story starts off with the Great King Lear of Britain who is now old and wants to retire. However, to relieve himself off all his duties, he must divide his empire among his three daughters namely Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. To keep the division as appropriate as possible, he puts forth two very simple and straight forward conditions for his daughters. Firstly, he declares that the one who loves him the most will be given the largest chunk of his wealth and land and secondly, they should be married before acquiring the land. With the conditions being given out, Goneril and Regan being the evil and clever ones, begin pleasing and flattering their father. With sugar-coated words and false emotions, they have him utterly convinced that they love him more than any other thing in the world and hold him dearer than their lives. Extremely pleased with the two, he gives each a major chunk of his land after getting them married to the Duke of Albany and to the Duke of Cornwall respectively.

Cordelia however, is a simple, inexpressive and honest girl. She tells her father straight up that she loves him only as much as a daughter should and no more. Infuriated at her response, Lear gives her no land at all and disinherits her. Kent protests against this unfair treatment of Cordelia and tries to make Lear see the sense of it all. However, Lear is further angered by Kent’s objection and banishes him from the country. The King then calls upon the Duke of Burgundy and the King of France, both of whom had proposed to marry Cordelia. The Duke of Burgundy, on learning that she has been disinherited, withdraws his proposal. The King of France on the other hand, impressed by her truthfulness, chooses to marry her anyway. Lear’s entire kingdom is thus divided between Goneril and Regan only.

What happens next is that as soon as the kingdom is divided up, Lear announces that he will be living with Goneril and Regal alternatively. The two daughters meanwhile confess to each other that their declarations of love for their father were fake and that in actual, they view him as a foolish old man. Later, while living with Goneril, Lear soon learns that now that she is in possession of his power and land, she no longer respects or loves him like she claimed earlier. Furious and mad, he leaves for Regan’s place and at the same time, sends his messenger to inform her of his arrival. His sent messenger however indulges in an argument over there and is captured by Regan and her husband. Angry at the mistreatment of his messenger, Lear objects to Regan who instead turns against her father. Shocked at the behavior of his favorite daughters, Lear severely regrets his decision and is eventually driven insane with grief. Brilliantly written as Shakespeare’s plays always are, this one is going to be even better on the stage. In addition, to make it more convenient for all the fans, the passes are available at reduced prices. This should leave you with absolutely no excuse to miss this golden chance. So don’t waste any more time and get cheap King Lear tickets soon.

King Lear Tickets PRICES

As of 15/09/2019 the average King Lear tickets will cost you between $116 and $147, if you are looking for the cheapest seats then catch the event being held at the Cedar Street Playhouse, Rolla on 15/09/2019. The average ticket will cost you the highest on 15/09/2019 at the The Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield.
Minimum get in price is for King Lear tickets is $40 for the event being held at the Cedar Street Playhouse, Rolla on 15/09/2019 , there are some venues that have a much higher get in price, for instance the cheapest seats at the The Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield on 15/09/2019 will set you back $55.

Event City Venue Date Average Ticket Price Get In Price (Minimum Price)
National Theatre of London in HD: King LearRidgefieldThe Ridgefield Playhouse15-Sep-19$147$55
King LearRollaCedar Street Playhouse15-Sep-19$116$40