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The epical Shakespearean play, King Lear is back in the theatres. It is another well-crafted tragedy coming from the genius playwright William Shakespeare. The insightful direction of Michael Grandage has made it "one of the most keenly awaited Shakespearean performances of recent times" (as quoted in Guardian). King Lear will be featuring the performances of award winning Broadway artists, with Sir Derek Jacobi playing the lead. The show is presented by Donmar Warehouse with the support of Brooklyn Academy Music.

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King Lear is a story of an aging monarch and his divided kingdom. It is a tale inspired from the mythological roman legend -- Leir of Britain. He pushes his kingdom to the verge of destruction by passing over the reign on the basis of Flattery. He ignores the love of his only daughter, who actually loves and cares for him. Instead, he falls for the flattery of his other two daughters, whose motives are no good. As the story unfolds, the fall of his empire becomes evident leading to an end, which is tragic in itself.

King Lear is one the theatrical masterpieces created by Shakespeare. The play has been showcased in various theatres since its opening. It has also travelled to various parts of the world including the USA and the UK. It is now in Brooklyn to celebrate and appreciate the brilliance of Shakespeare. If you are interested then don’t miss this opportunity as Brooklyn Academy Music has brought together a performance worth remembering. Get King Lear Brooklyn Academy Music Tickets now!

The larger-than-life Shakespeare plot of King Lear is back in theatres. The eye opening tragedy is a remarkable masterpiece which is created with reference to the Leir of Britain. The play has been adapted and transformed into movies and plays numerous times all over the world.

Derek Jacobi’s production is attractively molded excluding exaggerated costumes and patterns with only required magnification of the set and exclusive right of loud and clear voice of the performers with accurate body language.  Jacobi magically covers the transformation of the King’s lightheadedness into an individual who loses his identity and sanity at the hands of his immediate family. Lear’s character induces emotional turbulence and reveals his state of suffering, despair and disarray perfectly.

King Lear plot revolves around an aged king and his divided realm that brings down his own empire to the brink of destruction by delegating power to his flattery daughters who had mischievous intentions.  The story concludes on the tragedy of losing all that he had merely due to shortsightedness of not realizing the difference between true and pretentious love.

It’s a lifetime opportunity for those who have still not seen the masterpiece and another worthy experience for those who have seen it before. King Lear theatrical adaptation is hitting New York soon. Book your King Lear Brooklyn Tickets before you lose the chance of getting the feel of one of the most powerful plays of all times. Derek’s production is a flawless combination of magnificent acting, splendid stage décor, costume specification and lighting, making it a must watch for everyone!

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A:Yes, we do sell King Lear Tickets on general admission basis. You will have to reach the venue well before time to buy tickets through general admission.