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The terrific musical based on James Lapine’s book ‘Into the Woods’ is being performed on stage once again. The show promises to amaze the audience with powerful performances and melodious songs and is definitely not one to be missed. So get yourself Into the Woods tickets soon and guarantee yourself an experience which is sure to stay with you forever. Packed with emotion and drama, the musical is an interesting combination of classic children fairytales. Taking its lead characters from stories such as Cinderella, Jack and The Beanstalk, Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood, the musicals’ story is held together by two original characters; the baker and his wife. There comes a twist in the plot when the two want to begin a family together and come across a Witch who puts a curse on them. What follows forth is an interesting climax with a very heart-warming ending.

About Into The Woods

With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, the musical was first presented in San Diego in 1986 at the Old Globe Theatre. It was later premiered on Broadway in 1987 and has won many awards since then. In 1988, it bagged the Tony Award for ‘Best Book of a Musical’ and ‘Best Score’ and was nominated for several others. In the same year, the Drama Desk Awards awarded it as an ‘Outstanding Musical’, ‘Outstanding Lyrics’ and ‘Outstanding Book of a Musical’. The show offers a broad range of themes. From accepting one’s responsibilities to wish fulfillment and its results you get to see all of these combined beautifully by Lapine in to one play. According to the reviewers of the Times Magazine, “the plays basic insight is at heart, most fairy tales are about the loving yet embattled relationship between parents and children"

Moreover, Stephen Holden stated that the themes of the play include parent-child relationships and the individual's obligation to the public. The witch isn't just a nasty old hag, but an important symbol of moral uncertainty. Also, James Lapine said that the most unpleasant person (the Witch) would be the one to say the truest and bitterest things and the apparently "nicer" people would be less honest. As is the case in real life that the one’s speaking the truth are considered blunt and bad but the fake people who sugar-coat stuff are believed to be sweet and charming. In the Witch's words: "I'm not good; I'm not nice; I'm just right."

Penned down uniquely by Lapine, Mr. Sondheim has added life to the characters by doing a marvelous job with the music and the lyrics. As in the case of any musical, the songs play a vital role in getting the message across to the audience. Though the songs of ‘Into the Woods’ are not chart-toppers themselves, yet they serve their purpose very well by portraying the character’s feelings and situations brilliantly. Each song fits the bill perfectly and carries meaning of not only the characters expressions but also general fears, confusions and misunderstandings. The melodies are not only a great listen but they also help in developing the plot as the story proceeds.

To sum it up, one of the best musicals of our age; ‘Into the Woods’ will be presented on the stage after quite a while. The entire team has been working harder than ever before to put up an amazing show for you. Also, this time around the ticket prices have been reduced so as to make them accessible for a large number of people. This should leave you with absolutely no reason to miss out on the show. So hurry up and get yourself cheap Into the Woods tickets soon and be ready to be amazed.