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Imagine a house with family members having unique characteristic whims and idiosyncrasies! It makes an interesting house with humorous situations and that is what you get if you buy I’m in Therapy Thousand Oaks tickets. You heard it right, the amusing one man comedy show that has the audience rolling with laughter is now going to be playing near you. The comedic genius of Steve Solomon, an award winning author, is truly realized in this successful show. The off Broadway production ran to full houses for two years in New York. Now it is coming to California so that more people can enjoy the humor of a truly dysfunctional family as portrayed by Solomon. The way even happy incidents are turned into chaos and madness in the show is simply hilarious.

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The comedy centers on Solomon, the writer himself and his cast of family members who are bent upon driving him up against the wall, which they ultimately succeed in doing. One cannot help but relate to the helplessness of the main character as he tries to maintain his sanity and composure when surrounded by such colorful characters who have bizarre yet hilarious traits and personalities. If you want to enjoy the fun of being in a dysfunctional family, you need to buy I’m in Therapy Thousand Oaks tickets. If nothing else, it will surely make you appreciate your own loved ones and how you are so much better off than the poor soul who has an Italian mother and Jewish father and a crazy family.