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America's Got Talent plays host each year to the best performers in the US, from singers and bands to acrobats to some of the most unusual performers ever seen. One such group is iLuminate, which wowed audiences all over the US and parts of the world with their breathtaking light suits and choreographed dance routines. The group became instantaneously famous and, in response to popular demand, has kicked off a national tour that is set to take them to many parts of the US. One such show that is part of this tour is the Iluminate Artist of Light show. Dubbed the New York Show, it is set to take place at the New World Stages theatre at 340 W. 50th street. Those who buy Iluminate Artist of Light tickets can see the group perform live.

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iLuminate Artist of Light

Events Venue Location Date Price Tickets
iLuminate Northern Lights Theatre At Potawatomi Casino Milwaukee Wednesday
9/27/2017 2:00 PM
$200.00 Buy
iLuminate Whiting Auditorium Flint Saturday
9/30/2017 8:00 PM
$82.00 Buy
iLuminate Effingham Performance Center Effingham Friday
10/6/2017 7:00 PM
$57.00 Buy
iLuminate Fox Theatre - Hutchinson Hutchinson Saturday
10/14/2017 7:30 PM
$85.00 Buy
iLuminate The Smith Center Las Vegas Sunday
10/22/2017 7:30 PM
$89.00 Buy

About iLuminate Artist of Light


Crowds have flocked to see iLuminate live, and many of them have been left awestruck by the group's performances. Shows, such as Iluminate Artist of Light, have been held in many parts of the world, with the group recently coming back from a Central Asian tour. The so–called New York show is not only a magnificent feat of choreography but is also a play of sorts, a theatrical drama that tells the story of Jacob, a talented young artist who is struggling to connect with the real word. Young Jacobs takes solace in his magical paintbrush, bringing imaginary characters to life.


Unfortunately for Jacob, a bully steals his magical paintbrush and turns it to evil, creating horrifying monsters. Without his paintbrush, Jacobs fights to save his friends and his town from the evil monsters, while painfully aware of the fact that his magnificent, magical tool is now a weapon in the hands of a villain. Jacob's story is told by the talented artists of iLuminate through technology, art, dance and music. Some have called iLuminate's shows as experiences worth a lifetime. Others call them out of the ordinary. Undoubtedly, the consensus is that these are shows that have taken the theatrical experience to a whole new level, by combing it with music, dance, art and technology. In what the company calls 'an unforgettable theatrical experience', performers clad in brightly shining, colored tubes performs and tell the story of young Jacob with the magical paintbrush.


After appearing on America's Got Talent, the company was again invited to perform once again on the show, this time as guest performers. In late 2013, the company appeared on America's Got Talent and performed pieces of Iluminate Artist of Light. The Off–Broadway show was performed on the reality TV show's eliminations episode. It received a lot of acclaim, with audience members giving it a standing ovation. Artists of Light has been staged on Off–Broadway theaters such as The Duke and was previously staged at the New World Stages, where it will be performed once again.


iLuminate's 2013 tour of Central Asia took it to countries such as Kazakhstan and Kyrgystan, where the group also taught master classes in the cities of Karakol and Bishkek. All of the company's Central Asian shows were sold out. Their founder and creative director, Miral Kotb, also spoke at various universities and was also featured on TV alongside Dario Mejia and John Nelson. In the media, the company and its shows have been praised by the likes of the NY Daily News, NY Post,, FastCompany and more. Some have even gone so far as to call its shows 'a magical visual feast'. In short, this dance–in–the–dark sensation is a must see live, and you can watch it with Iluminate Artist of Light tickets in hand.


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