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Nothing can be compared with the charm of watching a performance live at theater. Finding tickets of the popular events like How I Became a Pirate have never been easy for fans. Despite of the fact that they take place around the year tickets to such show is always in high demand. So get a hold on your How I Became a Pirate tickets before its too late. What could be better than watching a tremendous play live with your family and friends while sharing some pleasant moments with them? Watching such relaxing and exciting event is certainly a treat for you and your friends. If you want to have some real fun then, here is a chance to do that.

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How I Became A Pirate

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
How I Became A Pirate Pfeiffer Hall Naperville Saturday
4/7/2018 12:00 PM
How I Became A Pirate Tilles Center For The Performing Arts - Concert Hall Brookville Sunday
4/22/2018 2:00 PM

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How I Became A Pirate Naperville Tickets

About How I Became A Pirate

This theatrical show involves the journey of a boy named as Jeremy Jacob who joins Captain Braid Beard in his voyage on ship to find out the adventures of a pirate life. The contributors of this opera are award winning, David Shannon as illustrator and Melinda Long as storyteller. All along his journey Jeremy Jacob learns that there are no good night kisses, no books, no games or fun. He termed his journey as Pirates Don’t Tuck.
At the beginning of the show, Jeremy is shown on a beach with his family, where he finds them too busy to pay attention towards him. Meanwhile he sees a ship along the seashore and decides to board it along with Captain Braid Beard and his pirates’ crew. He decides to be with them for a long time and tries to be reckless like them. There he learns to talk, act and even sing like pirates. Among the many revelations one of them was, that he doesn’t have to brush his teeth or change clothes before going to bed.
At the end of his journey, he learns that living a life as pirate isn’t as easy and exciting as one thinks of it. He finds it no fun at all. The pirates hand over him back to his family and in return he assists them in burying their treasure. How I Became a Pirate is an appetite you all are craving for. So feel free to order your tickets and experience this full sway of entertainment along with your loved ones. This is your true dose of adventure and entertainment.
Watching it on stage is a fun not to be missed. The adventure of this little boy as a pirate would immensely make you enjoy the whole show. Famous theatrical experiences like How I Became a Pirate would surly provide you with an amazing and ever-lasting memory. Even if you are tight on budget, no need to worry. There are different deals on tickets available over the official website of this theater play.
Just like the show, the book of How I Became a Pirate is also very much admired by children and elders around the globe. The picturesque and illustrations of the book are tremendous. It has also won the Book Sense Book of the Year Award, Notable Books for Children Award and Notable Books of the English Language Arts Award in a same year, 2004. The show is even more fantastic with beautifully portrayed scenes and dialogs. The journey of Jeremy as a pirate would make you feel as if you have boarded the ship and enjoying it along with him in real.
The out inventory includes cheap and affordable tickets to match your budget. So what are you waiting for? Grab your cheap How I Became a Pirate tickets from us, and watch this enthusiastic play right away. With a wide range of tickets, you would surely be able to find the best seat for yourself. So, go ahead! Order your tickets and be a part of this mega show.

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