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Music lovers can now catch a glimpse of some of their favorite classical movies along with some melodious music, all of this can be enjoyed by watching Hooray for Hollywood. This musical is definitely different from all others as it not only has some good choreography and fine acting but also some flashback of some classic hit movies and songs of the past. This will be a fun filled experience for you, so get Hooray for Hollywood tickets.

About Hooray For Hollywood

Hooray for Hollywood is a modern play with a classic touch. This fine production will soon be staged for a few performances at a famous venue in Wilmington, Delaware called the DuPont Theater. For over hundred years this venue has been providing quality Broadway entertainment to people. The theater is part of the DuPont Building located on 1007 North Market Street in Wilmington. The venue is fully equipped with all the modern amenities including a colorful spacious theater, rest rooms, dining facilities, a fine hotel and even coffee shops. DuPont Theater not just stages musicals it also regularly organizes special events such as music concerts as well as standup performances.
Hooray For Hollywood is a unique concept conceived and created by the famous the production house Spirit of the Dance. The musical will feature good actors, dancers as well as singers.  It is primarily a celebration of some of the greatest Hollywood musicals movies. It will take the viewers through a nostalgic voyage in the past. It will be reviving and commemorating the last five decades of Hollywood Cinema. You will simply be spellbound when you will see the glimpses of modern and old classic movies like Titanic, Beauty and the Beast and The Glenn Miller Story. There are thirty famous songs that have been used in the soundtrack of Hooray for Hollywood. Some of them are “Jailhouse Rock”, “A Whole New World”, “Staying Alive”, “All That Jazz”, “Singing in the Rain”, “What a Feeling” and “My Heart Will Go On”.

Hooray for Hollywood is a play that can be watched and enjoyed by all your family members irrespective of the age factor. You will be watching the musical with dance performances on some classy chart hitting numbers. The mood and ambience of the theater is set in such as way that even you will get in a mood to dance with the beats. Good part is that now cheap Hooray for Hollywood tickets are on sale so quickly book deals for your friends and family.