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Harvey is a Pulitzer Prize winning play by Mary Chase. Premiered in mid forties, the play offers entertainment to the entire family and is all set to be staged once again this summer season. Harvey tickets for its brand new production are selling like hot cakes. Harvey opened on Broadway in 1944 and got famous for its lighthearted comedy instantly. The story revolves around Elwood P. Dowd who is a very friendly and polite man, and his odd friend who is six feet tall, is invisible and is strangely a rabbit. Elwood’s sister Veta is a socialite and is concerned about how her brother’s friendship with the weird looking creature would affect her life. She takes him to the Sanatorium to save her daughter and family from future embarrassment. Her daughter is just about to get married and she doesn’t want the ceremony to be ruined. Other than this, she doesn’t want him to take control of the family estate. The only thing she can resort to in this case is to commit Elwood to the Sanitorium which does not do well to her plans either. The situation then onwards gets humorous.

About Harvey

A series of comic events make the audiences roll out with laughter. The doctors commit Veta in place of Elwood but as the truth is unveiled the search begins once again for Elwood and his invisible friend, Harvey. Elwood being a carefree person does not bother about the world and always wishes good for the people. He influences the doctors such as Dr Sanderson and Dr Chumley with his beliefs but then due to his sister’s will, he is given an injection that is intended to change him back into an ideal man who fits into the society well. Just before he is injected, a thought comes in Veta’s mind, rather a statement given by a taxi driver ‘perfectly normal human being and you know how bastards they are’. This is the point where the story changes and charges up your emotions. At this moment Veta realizes that she should let Elwood be the kind and caring person like he has always been even if it meant living with Harvey.
The play Harvey is directed by the exceptionally talented artist Scott Elis. Its colorful sets, one of the reasons the play is appreciated around the globe, are done by David Rockwell. The lighting and other special affects further add to the whole experience. Cheap Harvey tickets are now available for those who want to see this show at an affordable price.
The play with a wonderful story is not only entertaining but also gives a message that is applicable in real life as well. There are a lot of times when we come across people who have different personalities and we don’t approve of them just because they generally don’t fit in the society we live in. The musical teaches us a lesson that a person should maintain his/her individuality. The kind hearted Elwood made everybody believe in him just because of his positive attitude. The strange looking invisible rabbit was his best friend despite his appearance and it didn’t matter to Elwood that people disapproved of him. Harvey Musical Play tickets for the upcoming show will entertain you with drama and humor giving a social message in the end as well. Don’t miss the show when it comes to your city.
Were you looking for a family oriented entertaining program? Then this is it! The play offers everything to brighten up a few hours of your day with quality humor and a great story. Discount offers are activated on Harvey tickets. Hurry and get them as early as possible!