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Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain Tonight! is one of the most classic stage events that has captured with its intelligent reflection of Twain’s memorable quotes, the interest of avid literature lovers and high-end  theatre-goers. More than five decades back, a young Holbrook stood acting on stage in a small off-Broadway theatre where he introduced a man the audience would never forget- Mark Twain. As the Denver crowds are well-acquainted with the fact, no one can pull of a Mark Twain imitation as well as Holbrook. The performance really is a one-man play that was devised by the actor himself, in which he depicts Twain with various dramatic recitations chosen from his many texts, with special focus on the ones rich in comedy. A lengthy excerpt from the classic favorite Adventures of Huckleberry Finn always makes its way into the performance, which is most simply, among the most enduring and acclaimed of performances in the history of national theatre.

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About Hal Holbrook Mark Twain Tonight!

Holbrook has been acting since 1954 and is known to have numerous well-recognized awards such as Primetime Emmys, Academy Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards. In Hal Holbrook Mark Twain Tonight, the actor presents a very living, talking American masterpiece where one thing is obvious for sure; that Holbrook knows Twain as well as himself, giving a certain spiritedness to the character way beyond the very quotes of the writer’s memorable lines. Hal Holbrook Mark Twain Tonight tickets are the topic of town talk among theatre fans who also have a fondness for Twain’s incredible humor alongside Holbrook’s impeccable wit at delivering it.
Hal Holbrook Mark Twain Tonight opened for the first time in Pennsylvania at Lock Haven States Teacher College in 1954. This performance was viewed by Ed Sullivan who gave the young Holbrook his very first national exposure through his 1956 show. During that time, Holbrook was a member of Valley Players, a stock summer theater company that performed in Mountain park’s Casino Playhouse. The artist remained a cast member there for many years and played Mark Twain Tonight as a season opener in 1957. Soon enough he was sent on a European tour by the State Department, through which he made appearances behind Iron Curtain. It was in 1959 when he played the character Off-Broadway, an excerpt from which was recorded by Columbia Records.
Hal Holbrook Mark Twain Tonight then debuted in Broadway in 1966, when his performance was noted for its brilliance by John Lotas, a New York producer, while he was performing in Manhattan’s Lambs Club. Lotas arranged to present the show at Forty-First Street Theatre where it was staged for a hundred and seventy-four performances. In the play, Holbrook won a Tony Award in the category of Best Performance by Leading Actor of a Play. In 1967, he also received an Emmy-nomination for his television broadcast on CBS.
Holbrook has worked in many TV shows and films the most recent among which include Promised Land, Savannah, Lincoln, The Events, Water for Elephants, Shade, The West Wing, Sons of Anarchy, That Evening Sun, Into The Wild and NCIS. Hal Holbrook Mark Twain Tonight continues to tour while alongside alternating the material performed. On the celebration of Mr. Clemens’ hundred and seventy-fifth birthday, the actor played the show in NYC’s Elmira before a sold-out crowd at the famous Clemens Center. The evening started out with the celebrative happy birthday singing to Twain, following which Holbrook appeared on stage.
With his performance in 2012, he marked the fifty-eighth consecutive year of the show. In 1967 he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination in the category of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Movie or Miniseries for the TV version of the show. Mark Twain Tonight! is a must-watch, particularly loved admired among literature and comedy fans. Hurry and grab hold of some cheap Hal Holbrook Mark Twain Tonight tickets before they are all hogged.

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