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Grace, or the Art of Climbing is a critically acclaimed dramatic stage play by Lauren Feldman. The show has gained attention in the world of theater, where it has been hailed as a shining example of low-key, independent innovation. Grace, or the Art of Climbing’s unique setting has also won over many audiences. Since its premier, the play had been living in relative obscurity. That, however, is about to change because Grace, or the Art of Climbing is set to tour the United States. The play is sure to captivate as many, if not significantly more, audiences as it already has and is also bound to be anticipated for it. Needless to say, Grace, or the Art of Climbing tickets are bound to become one of the year’s hottest theatrical commodities.

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About Grace or The Art of Climbing

The story of the play revolves around a young woman named Emm, a competitive rock climber. Saddened by the sudden demise of her beloved father as well as her lover, Emm turns to her passion for climbing to deal with her loss. Stricken with depression, doubt and other personal fears, Emm sets out on a journey of self-discovery and healing as she prepares herself – physically, mentally and spiritually – for a rock climbing tournament. Over the course of the play, audiences are treated to a unique display of theatrical storytelling whereby the show’s centerpiece, rock climbing, is used both literally and symbolically to facilitate the plot. Grace, or the Art of Climbing also touches on many universal themes like death, the rebuilding of trust, passion and the struggle that goes with it as well as depression, disbelief and, ultimately, triumph.
The play’s debut production was directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh, with set design by Doug Dion and production design by Caitlin Lainoff. The cast featured the likes of Kristen Beckmann, Caitlin McRae and Rachael Joffred, who plays the lead role of Emm. It was met with praise from many critics, who commended the performances as well its “artful script.” The set design in particular was liked by many, with its innovative use of space to convey the story, both as a metaphor and as an actual place where the events of the show take place.
Many observers noted and praised how the main character, Emm, tries to literally “climb her way out of depression.” A reviewer for the online publication Phillyist commended Grace, of the Art of Climbing for focusing “more on relationships and emotions than the physicality of rock climbing” and observed how “the physicality becomes the way to channel and focus on these things, rather than to distract from them.” It doesn’t completely shy away from this physicality, however, as noted by Mark Cofta of the Philadelphia Citypaper, who said that “While [Grace, of the Art of Climbing] explores relationships, it also demands climbing's physical challenges,” which he felt production designer Caitlin Lainoff pulled off really well.
The script for Grace, or the Art of Climbing was penned by Lauren Feldman, whose other notable works include The Egg-Layers, A People and the ensemble-driven The Life and Acts of Jesus Christ as Told by the Heretics, to name just a few. Feldman has led an accomplished career as a playwright, during which she has been an artist-in-resident at institutions like Cornell University, Montana Repertory Theatre, Tofte Lake Center, the School of Making Thinking and Theater Emory, among others. Feldman received formal instruction in her craft from the likes of Paula Vogel, Ken Prestininzi, Rebecca Rugg and Richard Nelson. She is an Affiliated Artist with New Georges and a 2012 Dramatists Guild Fellow.
Perhaps even more notably, Feldman has served as an American playwright envoy at World Interplay in Australia and the prestigious Royal Court Theatre in England. Furthermore, Feldman is a published author and her books have been released by such prominent publishing houses like Broadway Play Publishing, Applause Books and Cengage Learning. In addition to these accomplishments, Feldman has also secured many accolades, such as the 2009 Wendy Wasserstein Prize and a Agnes Ranjo Capps Award for Emerging Female Playwright.
Grace, or the Art of Climbing is now set to play all over America. The play has cemented itself in the collective consciences of those who like thought-provoking live entertainment and is sure to continue doing so. Fans of independent theatre should catch a performance of this unique, imaginative play and take full advantage of cheap Grace, or the Art of Climbing tickets that are now up for grabs.

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