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Ghost Brothers of Darkland County is a brand new musical that premiered on 4th April 2012 at the Alliance Theatre, Georgia and immediately garnered excellent reviews from the audience and the critics. The plot is based on one dreadful night in a small town in Lake Belle Reve which took the lives of two brothers and a young girl. Since then the town has been the center of horrific tales and there is only person who knows what really happened that tragic night. Will he come forward and tell the truth or will the locals continue to believe made-up stories? Get your Ghost Brothers of Darkland County tickets and find out for yourself.

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About Ghost Brothers of Darkland County

Since the day curtain was raised on this thrilling theater production, theatergoers have been rushing to get their hands on the tickets. So if you are also interested in watching this edge of the seat show then make the best use of cheap Ghost Brothers of Darkland County tickets.
The book for Ghost Brothers of Darkland County is written by Stephen King, one of the most famous authors in the world of horror/science fiction. The honored American musician John Mellencamp has done a great job to produce the southern gothic music with the lyrics that revolve around tragedy and mystery. The contributions of the artistic director and the musical director Susan V. Booth and T Bone Burnett respectively cannot be missed out when talking about the musical. Mellencamp wrote all the seventeen songs for the musical, which perfectly fit in the situations. The effort of the entire team which includes the performers is the reason for the show’s unprecedented success.
The musical revolves around two brothers who have severe hatred for each other. Their father McCandless takes them to a family cabin for vacation, where his elder brothers were killed as a result of their rivalry. However, the spirits of the dead still live in the same cabin and talk to the audience. McCandless sees the similar hatred among his sons, just like he in his brothers during the sixties. He is the witness of the tragedy that took the lives of both his brothers. The suspense is created when the audience wait if he would tell the truth to save his sons from a facing a similar situation or would the ghost help them. In the Ghost Brothers of Darkland County the audiences are left guessing till the very last minute. A riveting story, it will keep you hooked until the final curtain draws.
The popularity of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County reached the audience even before its premiere. Some magazines even gave rankings to it before the debut took place and the critics gave rave reviews about the musical. The complete musical album of the show is also expected to release in few months time, after having won accolades from the spectators. It has been revealed that ‘Hear Music’ will do the honors.
Since the time he has started penning suspense stories, Stephen King has been lauded for his brilliance to present a story in a way that makes the reader want to continue reading without pausing even for a minute. He has adopted the same approach for his theater production, where he reveals things slowly, keeping the audience at the edge of their seats. Just when the spectators feel that they have guessed what's coming up next, he would add a twist that will leave them stunned. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County is testament of his experience as a stellar storywriter.
After a sensational preview in Georgia, the show will soon hit Broadway and West End theaters. You can now make the most of cheap Ghost Brothers of Darkland County tickets that are available on our site. Make a plan with your friends and be there at the upcoming show. The demand of Ghost Brothers of Darkland County tickets is on the rise, so without missing this opportunity get your tickets right away.

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