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A play that is as unique as they get is coming for its latest installment. Ladies and gentlemen it is time for the return of Ganesh versus The Third Reich. A Back to Back Theatre production, this amazing play has captivated the hearts of fans all around the globe and won some of the biggest awards in the business. Grab your Ganesh versus The Third Reich tickets and watch what makes it click live.

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About Ganesh Versus The Third Reich

Ganesh versus The Third Reich is among the most innovative plays by Back to Back Theatre. The organization was set up in 1987 and is run by eight performers. Every single on them are thought to have been suffering from intellectual deficiencies. The company joined hands with the likes of Arena Theatre Company, Circus Oz, Snuff Puppets and Melbourne Workers Theatre all through the next decade and that is what started its journey towards excellence. Bruce Gladwin took over as Artistic Director in 1999 and he immediately began working on taking Back to Back Theatre to avenues not explored before. Under his tutelage the organization has managed to generate a reputation which is very unique. Ganesh versus The Third Reich is a perfect illustration of that.

The story of the play revolves around Ganesh, the elephant god from Hindu Mythology. He travels to Germany during the days of Nazi occupation to retrieve the swastika. It has been taken away by the Nazis so Ganesh himself descends from the heavens to get it back. Ganesh’s father Shiva is so upset about the swastika being taken away that he wants to destroy the entire planet and give it a brand new beginning. Once he sets foot in Germany, Ganesh meets Levi and together with Vishnu the three of them start their journey across Germany for a confrontation with Hitler in order to get the swastika back.

Since its debut the play has received widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike.  This amazing theatrical masterpiece has gone on to win awards and accolades like the Kit Denton Fellowship, Melbourne Festival Age Critics Award, Green Room Awards Best Ensemble Performance, Green Room Award for Best Direction, Green Room Awards for Best Production and the prestigious Helpmann Award in the best play category.

The play is a perfect example of what Back to Back Theatre is all about. It is bold, it is courageous, a production that might even be conceived impossible to create. The creative team and the performers have played their part in ensuring it isn’t controversial yet at the same time it does give theatrical productions a new dimension. The play makes you think differently and that is probably the biggest compliment that it can be given. So now that it is making its return don’t miss out on the opportunity to buy cheap Ganesh versus the Third Reich tickets.

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