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It is always refreshing to watch a play based on a Brothers Grimm story and it becomes all the more interesting if the play is a musical involving comedy. Get Frog Kiss tickets to see this classic fairytale come to life in a completely new way. In this 2010 production, Director Kenneth L. Roberson has taken Charles Leipart’s book and lyrics and transformed them into a colorful experience for the audience. Roberson is famous for his choreography of Tony Award winning best musical, Avenue Q. He has won two NAACP Awards, one NYC Council of the Arts Award, one ADELCO Award and his nominations include one Emmy Award, one Lucille Lortel Award and one Drama Desk Award. Leipart’s version is as funny and lively as the original story and Roberson’s adaptation adds twists and turns to the whole magical tale, perfecting it for a modern crowd’s taste. Get cheap Frog Kiss tickets to see this musical that has received remarkable praise in numerous reviews.

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The musical has won rave reviews and Adaumbelle's Quest has stated the Frog Kiss to be “hilarious and entertaining musical comedy”. NYMF Awards are sufficient to act as a testimonial for Frog Kiss’ success in the world of musicals. Frog Kiss has had its name mentioned and won awards in the following categories of NYMF 2010 Awards for Excellence Winners: Excellence in Writing: Lyrics (Charles Leipart), Outstanding Individual Performance (Curtis Holbrook), Most Promising Musical (Charles Leipart and Eric Schorr) (Honorable Mention), Excellence In Writing (Charles Leipart) (Honorable Mention), Excellence In Choreography (Lorna Ventura) (Honorable Mention), Excellence in Direction (Kenneth L. Roberson) (Honorable Mention), Excellence In Orchestration (Daryl Waters) (Honorable Mention) and Excellence In Overall Design (Honorable Mention).  
The origin of Frog Kiss goes way back to its Grimm version known as ‘The Frog Prince’, in which a princess is forced to be friends with a frog. The two meet when the princess accidentally drops her precious gold ball in the frog’s pond and he agrees to fetch it only if she lets him stay with her in the castle. The princess reluctantly agrees to the deal. After keeping him with her for a while, which included feeding him from her own plate, the frog asks to sleep in the princess’ bed. On hearing this demand, she throws him at a wall, which breaks his spell and he is transformed into a handsome and charming prince. This story was later adapted by E.D. Baker who added her own twist to the story, naming it ‘The Frog Princess’. In this version, after kissing the frog, the princess transforms into a frog herself. This version was later adapted into Walt Disney’s 2009 animated movie, ‘The Princess and the Frog.’ The original Grimm story is famous enough to be featured in various other shows, movies, books, songs and even games including ‘Donald and the Frog’ and its Muppets version, Adventures from the Book of Virtues, Superfrog, Kiss That Frog and The Frog Prince (a musical).
The writers of Frog Kiss have cleverly added a modern twist to the tale and included humor to create a lively play for a modern audience. The humorous story focuses on a scientific princess and her determination to turn the frog into her dream prince. Cast for Frog Kiss includes talented actors and actresses like Curtis Holbrook, Aisha de Haas, Stephanie Rothenberg, Chris Hoch, Katie Lee Hill, Joseph Anthony Byrd, Preston Truman Boyd, Paul Castree, Emily Drennan, Diane Phelan, Lisa Finegold, Eric Stretch, Blakely Slaybaugh and Laura E. Taylor. Whether you are a Broadway fan or not, this humorous musical with its witty jokes, tuneful songs and great tap-dancing is sure to be a great entertainment session for you. So, go ahead, grab Frog Kiss tickets and see if the princess ends up with her prince charming or is disappointed by yet another toad.

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